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    Steam leakage renovation scheme in garment industry

    • Last Update: 2014-08-06
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    On March 21, Premier Li Keqiang presided over the conference on energy conservation, emission reduction and climate change response, promoted the implementation of the government work report, promoted energy conservation, emission reduction and low-carbon development, and studied the work related to climate change response This year's "government work report" specifies the "hard task" of energy conservation and emission reduction We need to eliminate 27 million tons of steel, 42 million tons of cement, 35 million standard containers of flat glass and other backward production capacity, and ensure the "12th Five Year Plan" The elimination task will be completed one year ahead of schedule, and it will never rebound again We will increase energy conservation and emission reduction and control the total energy consumption This year, the intensity of energy consumption will be reduced by more than 3.9%, and the emissions of sulfur dioxide and chemical oxygen demand will be reduced by 2% It can be seen that reducing energy consumption and environmental pollution is now an important task for enterprises and their leaders A clothing company is mainly engaged in the import and export trade of textiles, clothing, mechanical and electrical, light industry, chemical industry and other commodities, as well as the business of dispatched labor services As a key enterprise group in Jiangsu Province, it has high requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection 1.0 overview of China's clothing industry the scale of China's clothing industry is huge Statistics show that China's clothing industry has a lot of world *, processing capacity *, production capacity *, export volume *, export volume * In the process of garment processing, steam ironing is an essential process of garment processing With the constant refreshing of fuel oil and coal price, energy cost has become an important part of the production cost of domestic clothing industry, which is mainly based on small profits and quick sales In order to reduce the initial investment, the domestic small clothing enterprises with the characteristics of labor-intensive tend to neglect the initial construction of the steam system, resulting in incomplete steam system, serious steam leakage and waste, and high long-term operation cost With the continuous introduction of foreign capital, the business philosophy of foreign clothing enterprises has gradually been recognized by the industry, and gradually realized the importance of the initial construction of the steam system Nantong, as a major clothing export city in Jiangsu Province, its products are mainly sold to Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States Far sighted business owners have begun to integrate with the international market With the advanced equipment of Zui, they can produce high-quality clothing Although the initial investment is large, the long-term operation cost has been reduced, and the product quality has been improved, and the international competitiveness of the products has been improved 2.0 brief introduction to the steam system of clothing enterprises the steam system of clothing enterprises is very simple The steam mainly has three applications: workshop ironing, staff hot water heating, canteen processing meals The boiler generates steam or the heat pipe network supplies steam, enters the workshop sub cylinder, and the sub cylinder comes out and is sent to each ironing line through the pressure reducing valve (steam water separator needs to be installed if the pipeline is long) It is led out from the reduced pressure pipe to each iron for use, and a 1 / 4 "drain valve is also installed on each iron to drain the condensate generated by ironing, which is recycled to the condensate return pipe for centralized discharge to the water tank Among them, pressure reducing control and steam dryness control are very important First of all, the pressure reducing valve should play the function of pressure reducing and stabilizing Stable pressure is very important to the temperature of iron and the safety of operators Because the ironing temperature required by various fabrics is different, and the temperature of iron is actually controlled by steam pressure, so stable pressure control is actually guaranteed It proves the temperature of iron, ensures the effect of fabric ironing, and also ensures the safety of workers on the operation line from being threatened The dryness of steam is another key factor of ironing effect If the steam pipeline is not well drained, the iron will accumulate water, the temperature will be too low, and even the condensation water will remain on the fabric, which will seriously affect the product quality In order to eliminate this phenomenon, some enterprises simply dismantle and use the drain valve behind the iron, which is better, but causes a lot of steam leakage Rick's steam water separator can effectively remove the moisture in the steam, greatly improve the dryness of the steam, and improve the heat exchange effect of the downstream equipment 3.0 application examples of garment enterprises a large and medium-sized garment export processing enterprise has 800 front-line employees The first phase plant of the company is small in scale, and the steam system was not paid enough attention when it was first built, so the energy consumption cost is very high when it is running During the construction of the new project, the customer learned Rick's professional knowledge and services in the steam system through the introduction of friends, hoping to get Rick's overall steam solution We cooperated with the design institute to complete the design of steam system The system includes steam entering the branch cylinder of the company through the heat supply network pipeline, and then the drainage from the branch cylinder is sent to the production workshop, staff dormitory and staff canteen through three branches A main pipe to the production workshop enters the secondary cylinder of the workshop by reducing the pressure through the pressure reducing valve, and branches are separated from the secondary cylinder of the workshop to enter the workshops Before the steam pipes enter the workshops, because the pipes are long, condensate may be generated, and Rick steam water separator is installed The practice proves that the steam water separator has achieved the effect of improving the steam dryness very well After entering the workshop, a lot of parallel branches are separated Each end of the branch is equipped with Rick float drain valve group The iron takes steam from the top of each branch to ensure the use effect In the system, Rick stop valve, ball valve, 25p steam pressure reducing valve, steam water separator and floating ball drain valve group are applied Director Hong Jinning, who is in charge of the steam system of the company, said that because the whole system adopts Rick valve, the system design is reasonable, the steam pressure reduction is very stable, and the use of steam separator makes the steam enter every workshop very dry, greatly improving the ironing effect Up to now, the system has no steam leakage, almost no maintenance, and the steam of the whole plant The consumption is only about 0.5 T / h 4.0 conclusion with the continuous improvement of China's export clothing grade, the quality of products will continue to improve, the energy consumption of the steam system and the reliability and stability of the equipment will also be higher and higher Rick, as a steam control and energy-saving expert and clothing enterprise, will be closer and more extensive cooperation It also plays an important role in the effective application of energy and environmental protection!
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