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    Step Pharmaceuticals set up a number of subsidiaries will transform scientific research

    • Last Update: 2021-03-04
    • Source: Internet
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    public opinion dispersed, step-by-step pharmaceutical voice, will transform scientific research, get rid of the marketing-oriented pharmaceutical company image.

    ▍ from marketing to scientific research transformation

    September 12, Step Pharmaceuticals issued a number of consecutive announcements, the announcement behind the frequent action - the same day announced the establishment of investment in a number of subsidiaries.

    in a statement, Step Pharmaceuticals said that in order to improve the strategic layout of the three transformations of Shandong Step Pharmaceuticals - from sales to scientific research, from natural medicine (Chinese medicine) (plant medicine, animal medicine, mineral medicine) to the whole pharmaceutical industry chain, from localization to globalization, the company intends to invest in the establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary, specific matters are:

    plans to invest RMB 8 million to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary, Shaanxi Step Pharmaceutical Research Institute Co., Ltd., step-by-step pharmaceutical holding 100%, in the form of monetary contributions.

    In the announcement, Step Pharmaceuticals said that the establishment of a new company can further meet the company's business needs, conducive to the company's three transformation of the strategic layout, for the company's future development to lay a good foundation.

    Step pharmaceutical marketing to scientific research transformation, put in the first of the three transformations, it can be seen to get rid of the marketing-oriented pharmaceutical company's image, has become a step of the urgent task.

    ▍Party investment, layout of big health

    in another announcement on the same day, step-by-step pharmaceutical called the realization of the company's "big health strategy" development plan, the company's holding subsidiary Zhejiang step-long health technology Co., Ltd. for the needs of business development, to set up two subsidiaries, one of the
    is zhejiang step to invest 50 million yuan, 100% of the holding of a wholly-owned subsidiary Tianjin step medical technology Co., Ltd. - the announcement shows that the company is mainly engaged in health care technology development, technology transfer, technical consulting, technical services, data processing, application software services, basic software services, computer system integration and so on.
    the announcement, step-by-step said that the establishment of a new company can further meet the company's business needs, conducive to the realization of the company's "big health strategy" development plan, for the company's future development to lay a good foundation.
    , according to Cypress Blue, Step Pharmaceuticals has been investing in the large health industry since 2017.
    2018 Annual Report shows that in order to improve the strategic layout of the large health industry chain, Step Has made a number of investments and acquisitions in channels, research and development, and products since 2017.
    Among them, including investment in the main online drug purchase platform of Beijing Express Technology Co., Ltd., investment in the main diagnostic reagents and medical device sales of Beijing Pun, investment is committed to early stage functional imaging technology and image navigation tumor minimally invasive precision diagnosis and treatment technology of new Bo Medical Technology Co., Ltd., the joint venture set up the main medical device research and development of Zhangzhou New Meikang and so on.
    2018, according to the layout of the whole pharmaceutical industry chain, Step Pharmaceuticals has invested in SHEN ZHOU TECHNOLOGY LLC, Suzhou Shengtao Medical Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership), Shaanxi Step Life Technology Co., Ltd., Chaoyang Bank Co., Ltd.

    ▍A continued increase in code is not yet profitable biopharmaceutical

    in the announcement, Step Pharmaceuticals also said that in order to enhance the capital strength of Shandong Step Pharmaceuticals' wholly-owned subsidiary Sichuan Luzhou Step Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd., accelerate the process of promoting the company's biopharmaceutical strategy, the proposed To carry out the capital increase, the specific matters are:

    company intends to increase the capital of Ganzhou step biological cash 10 million yuan, after the completion of this capital increase, Zhangzhou step biological registered capital will be increased from 50 million yuan to 150 million yuan.

    According to the announcement, Zhangzhou Step Creatures is still in the capital investment stage, has not yet made a profit.

    According to the announcement, as of June 30, 2019, Zhangzhou Step Bio's total assets were RMB455684472.87, with net assets of RMB18601576.77, and operating income was RMB0 and net profit was RMB4489473.97 in January-June 2019.

    Step Pharma said that the cash-based capital increase for The Step Creatures in Zhangzhou is conducive to promoting the healthy operation and sustainable development of the Step-By-Step Creatures in Luzhou, in line with the company's development strategy planning and long-term interests.

    In its 2018 annual report, step-by-step said that in the field of biopharmaceuticals, it has been laid out before and after the listing - the construction of biopharmaceutical base and new pharmaceutical industrialization base in the high-tech district of Zhangzhou, Sichuan Province, the first phase of the plan to invest 697 million yuan.

    It is reported that at present, Step Pharmaceuticals has 10 biological products (including 8 1 therapeutic biological products) are being developed, some projects have entered the clinical Phase II or Phase III stage, covering tumors, osteoporosis, anemia, arthritis, cardiovascular and other areas.

    Behind the layout of biopharmaceuticals is step-by-step pharmaceutical for the pharmaceutical industry's long-term development trend judgment.

    In Step Pharmaceuticals' annual report last year, it was stated that the fastest-growing sub-sectors were biopharmaceutical manufacturing and chemical preparation manufacturing, and that the momentum of industrial development was shifting to high value-added products.

    ▍ Looking for a way out of the Chinese pharmaceutical companies

    step long pharmaceutical on the same day issued a number of consecutive announcements, either the establishment of subsidiaries, or for some businesses to further increase capital, its transformation intention and determination, as can be seen.
    addition to the high growth momentum of biopharmaceuticals, the Chinese medicine industry itself is facing a series of pressures, may also be as a Chinese medicine head pharmaceutical companies have to consider the pace of the problem.
    's annual report for 2018 showed operating income of 13.6647526 million yuan last year, down 1.44% from a year earlier.
    The products that bring the main revenue are too single; the marketing costs are too high, causing public opinion to question; the large varieties of Chinese medicine are facing the risk of being monitored, the prescription authority of Chinese medicine is tightened, etc., are more or less the problems faced by step-by-step pharmaceutical, and these problems are also troubling a group of Chinese medicine enterprises represented by step-by-step.
    in the face of challenges and opportunities, they are also seeking their own breakthrough. (Cypress Blue)

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