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    Stop "making miracles"! Use this medicine to help the intestines to be happy

    • Last Update: 2023-01-05
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    Some people solve the matter of "tuba" in three minutes, and some people are still fighting hard in half an hour .

    Relying on "miracles" alone to fight constipation problems is dangerous, clinically, there are many drugs for constipation problems, today we will take a look at one of the commonly used drugs - lactulose medication specifications

    chronic habitual constipation is used in this way

    Overview of domestic usage in adults:

    Chronic functional constipation, chronic habitual constipation, regulate the circadian rhythm of the colon[1-2].

    Usage and dosage:

    Constipation and clinical need to maintain soft stools: oral, adults starting dose 30 mL daily, maintenance dose 10-25 mL
    After a few days of treatment, the dose
    can be reduced according to the patient's condition.
    This product should be taken once at breakfast, according to the mechanism of action of lactulose, 1-2 days can achieve clinical results, if there is no obvious effect after 2 days, please consult a doctor [2].

    Overview of FDA usage in adults:

    Treatment of constipation, in patients with a history of chronic constipation, lactulose solution may increase the number of daily bowel movements and the number of defecation days [5-6].

    FDA Dosage:

    The usual dose is 1-2 tablespoons (15-30 mL containing 10-20 g of lactulose) per day
    If necessary, the dose can be increased to 60 mL/day
    Normal bowel movements may take 24 to 48 hours [5-6].

    children have special attention to dose adjustment

    Children 7-14 years of age: 15 mL daily for the initial dose and 10-25 mL
    daily for the maintenance dose.

    Children 1-6 years of age: 5-10 mL daily for the initial dose and 5-10 mL
    per day for the maintenance dose.

    infants: 5 mL daily initially, 5 mL daily for maintenance [2].

    Third, patients with a low galactose diet are contraindicated

    Because lactulose solutions contain galactose (total galactose<1.
    6 g/15 mL), patients requiring a low galactose diet are contraindicated

    What other medicines can be used for constipation?

    Where to see more common drugs in gastroenterology?

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    Download the Decision Assistant App and check it anytime, anywhere~ References: [1] Drug information: lactulose oral solution, Dandong Rehabilitation Pharmaceutical Co.
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