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    Unfamiliar "friends"-introduction to epoxy resin knowledge

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    < br / >Today I'm here to introduce you to this strange friend< br / > first, regular customers in the family < br / > everyone has the desire to establish a family and a career since childhood, that is to say, they should have both a family and a careerIt's not frightening to start with a career that can be tough and a home that can be humbleAs long as people are hardworking, willing to learn, and diligent, they will surely make their own achievements in this land of our countryWith a successful career and a well-developed family, there will be a group of "friends" at homeOnce you have these "friends": home computer, home theater, color TV, DVD or VCD, audio and recorder, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, telephone, fax machine, the arrival of these "friends" adds fun to you, also brings a modern atmosphere, and makes your life more colorfulHowever, you can know that when these "friends" step into your door, they also bring you a strange "friend" who can serve you enthusiastically - epoxy resin system< br / > epoxy resin system is the life and death friend of household appliancesThey are inseparableCircuit board is indispensable in household appliances, and epoxy resin system is indispensable in circuit boardThere are numerous electronic components in household appliancesElectronic components need to be poured, molded, encapsulated and sealed by epoxy resinHousehold appliances must be insulated and flame-retardant, or they will not be safe to useSome epoxy resin systems have the function of insulation and flame-retardantUsing it to impregnate coils, pour transformers, and encapsulate high-voltage packages or micro motors can effectively, reliably and safely serve you< br / > when you see that refrigerators and washing machines are decorated so brightly and beautifully, do you know that they are also the result of "painting and dusting" with epoxy powder coating? The interior decoration of many families is beautiful and elegant, and the furniture is luxurious and elegant These high-grade furniture paints, colorful glazed tiles, beautiful craft products and so on, all flash the shadow of your unfamiliar "friend" - epoxy resin system < br / > epoxy system is a faithful and reliable friend, it is serving you silently You can not only meet it often at home, but also accompany you anytime and anywhere, always ready to serve you < br / > 2 Travel partner < br / > you have made friends with epoxy resin system at home, and it will make you have a good trip during the trip < br / > modern means of transportation make the journey shorter, and it is no longer as hard as Xu Xiake Whether you take a car, a train, a ship or a plane, the shadow of your friend, the epoxy system, is always around you < br / > the anti-corrosion primer applied to the whole body of the vehicle and ship, the bonding of the decorative structural parts, the structural adhesive used for the aircraft, the edge binding adhesive used for the car door, the beautiful and convenient seats in the waiting room, and the functional floor in the public places They are all hiding places for epoxy systems Epoxy resin system makes vehicles such as cars, ships, trains and airplanes light, durable, fast and beautiful, makes waiting hall, waiting hall and people's travel more and more relaxed and pleasant < br / > you can't do without drinks on the road When you pick up the delicious canned fruit juice food and drink the beer and coke in the cans, do you know how much the friend of epoxy system is helping you? Breweries need huge tanks to store large quantities of beer In order to prevent pollution, the inner walls of these tanks need a protective layer, which depends on the epoxy system When beer or food is put into small cans for human consumption, how to protect the inner wall of cans from the acid corrosion of food and ensure the health of drinkers? It also depends on the faithful friend of epoxy system As the saying goes, "drink water and think of the source" Let's not forget our friend - epoxy resin system < br / > in order to eliminate the fatigue on the way, you may listen to the radio, sing karaoke and play the handheld game machine At this time, our friend's epoxy resin system is always with you, which is the material of these audio or toys When you live in a hotel or hotel, you are like living at home The epoxy system is at your service everywhere < br / > during the journey, you will definitely go to some places of interest and tourist attractions, where you will see more colorful epoxy resin products < br / > Why can these buildings, which have experienced hundreds or even thousands of years, keep their youth forever? Can't you see the traces of wind and rain erosion, and the scars of birds pecking at moths? They have been treated with epoxy resin system, filled the wormhole with epoxy resin, filled the cracks caused by wind and rain erosion with solution epoxy resin, wrapped the surface with many spots with epoxy linen or glass cloth, and then dressed up with epoxy paint In this way, the epoxy resin system restores the youth of some ancient buildings all over the country, and makes you have a sense of pride in traveling < br / > when you visit Longmen Grottoes, Leshan Buddha, Qianfo Mountain When you see stone carvings of various lifelike forms, you will be amazed When you see the bronze carriage and the terra cotta warriors, you will be amazed Who would have thought there were traces of epoxy system on them Some of these historical relics have been buried underground for many years, crushed to pieces by heavy clay; some have been damaged in the process of excavation Lost the original style It is the epoxy resin system that makes the weathered fragments stick together, makes the split body stick together, mends the damaged parts completely, recovers these historical relics, and makes your eyes full < br / > the combination of unearthed cultural relics and modern scientific means enables you to see ancient ceramics, coins, weapons and murals These are full of museum exhibits Some of these exhibits are authentic, some are reproductions In order to heal the wounds caused by history, epoxy resin system is often used in these genuine products And those copies of the body, more need epoxy resin casting mold, make the product more realistic < br / > in order to protect cultural relics, the epoxy resin system has offered itself A thin layer of epoxy resin coating is applied on the surface of cultural relics to cut off the erosion of oxygen and water on cultural relics, so that they can be passed down from generation to generation and keep their noble value < br / > after this antique tour, you must have a further understanding of your friend, epoxy resin system < br / > Fourth, cultural emissary < br / > your friend's epoxy resin system has played an important role in the protection of ancient culture, and also has indelible contribution in the development of modern culture < br / > do you like reading books and newspapers? You must welcome books and newspapers with clear handwriting and bright colors The ink made of epoxy resin system has such characteristics, and has good color fastness and is not easy to be worn off, so it can be stored for a long time The epoxy resin system type plate can be made by photography, with vivid pattern, distinct outline, easy production and good plate strength Replacing the type plate makes the printing industry develop rapidly < br / > the most common copiers, telexes or fax machines in modern office supplies use epoxy powder coating, and some also use epoxy powder ink Epoxy resin system not only makes their appearance beautiful, but also makes their performance reliable < br / > with the development of modern science and technology and the successful development of light curing resin, epoxy resin system has been widely used in printing industry In addition, more and more epoxy resin systems are used in Arts and crafts Here, the plasticity of epoxy resin before curing is used to make it into arts and crafts with complex shape and beautiful shape, and then make it solidified into a valuable treasure When you pick up a porcelain cup with a beautiful appearance, you don't have to be surprised that the cup will send out beautiful music This is the electronic music component sealed with epoxy resin system at the bottom of the cup When your favorite patterns, photos and calligraphy are "printed" on white porcelain plates or handicrafts in a few minutes, you don't have to be surprised The epoxy system can help you < br / > the process ceramic products are coated with a thin layer of epoxy resin coating, and the process clay products are coated with a little epoxy resin system, so that these products are not easy to break After some special processing, they can make these products shine and increase their value < br / > the epoxy resin system has made more and more friends in the field of culture and art Recently, it has also been applied to the fire of festivals With different ignition points and different outbreak times, the fire spreads out in the air with a time difference, resulting in various beautiful patterns The beautiful fire makes the festivals more lively In the information age, the emergence of epoxy memory materials plays an important role in the information superhighway The achievements of epoxy resin system in the development of printing industry have undoubtedly made great contributions to the construction of human spiritual civilization The experience of epoxy resin system directly participating in the construction of material civilization shows that it is a construction pioneer with outstanding achievements < br / > epoxy resin system is used in the weapon industry In the war years, although FRP shields, helmets and plates could not make "no knife and no gun" come true, they reduced the killing rate of the attacked people Tanks and armored vehicles are mobile fortresses, which are hard to be blasted with ordinary explosive bags However, a bomb that can be pasted on this kind of combat vehicle can be destroyed in a "bomb" by hundreds of shots This is a special paste bomb made of epoxy resin system The butt made of epoxy resin system is light and durable, and the bridge made of fiberglass frame is time-saving, labor-saving and solid It is more simple and reliable to rush to repair some military facilities with epoxy resin adhesive Therefore, epoxy resin has a great use in military industry and can be called a good material for national defense construction < br / > during the long period of peace building, epoxy resin system is a good friend of people It can be seen everywhere in all sectors of national economic construction In the busy construction site, it is sometimes combined with the paving stone to form a large, beautiful and functional synthetic material floor or glazed brick, color wall; sometimes it is accompanied by asphalt to become the anti-seepage material or anti-corrosion floor of the roof In highway construction, those sections with high levelness and hardness requirements, such as airstrip and expressway, need the participation of epoxy resin And those marking paint - luminous or reflective paint also has epoxy resin system In the mechanical manufacturing industry, the FRP mould made of epoxy resin system dwarfs the heavy cast steel mould In the textile industry, the rapier of the new rapier loom is dwarfed by the epoxy system In the hands of scientists, epoxy resin system can not only participate in the "photoelastic stress" test, but also participate in the crustal stress change test, and even participate in the desert transformation as a nitrogen fixing agent, so that the desert becomes a green state In oil production, some oil wells encounter the problem of quicksand plugging, so the epoxy resin system will take the responsibility of binding the quicksand around the oil wells, to ensure the smooth flow of oil, so that the problem can be solved Once the dam cracks occur in water conservancy construction, other materials are helpless, but the epoxy resin meets the difficulties, succeeds and turns the danger into a disaster In the electrical industry and electronic industry, more epoxy resin is widely used, such as transformer, transformer, electrical switch, circuit board, signal lamp, battery, electronic components Epoxy everywhere
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