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    Strategies for choosing beverages for children

    • Last Update: 2022-09-22
    • Source: Internet
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    During the Chinese New Year and festivals, gatherings with friends, and children going out, it is indispensable to drink some drinks
    The confusion of parents is that this drink cannot be drunk, and the other cannot be chosen.
    What drink is good and healthy?

    Absolutely unsuitable beverages are alcoholic beverages, such as fruit wine, rice dew,
    Children's liver and metabolic functions are not yet fully developed, and they have weak decomposition and tolerance to alcohol, which can easily cause poisoning or affect brain development
    Caffeine-containing beverages, such as cola, some milk teas, etc.
    , caffeine can directly pass through the blood-brain barrier, which can easily cause excessive nervousness
    Sports energy drinks, these are special drinks designed for people with high exercise intensity.
    They contain high sugar, salt and other minerals, which will increase the burden on children's kidneys and other metabolic organs
    Carbonated beverages, which contain sugar and carbonic acid, are harmful to children's teeth if consumed for a long time, increase gastrointestinal acid production and gas production, hinder normal eating, and even lead to obesity

    Most of the beverages containing milk, juice, nuts or cereals that are very popular with children are sweet and sour, with a wide variety and attractive packaging.
    It is difficult for children to resist, and even parents can't help but taste it
    If these beverages are produced by well-known enterprises, regular sales channels, and qualified brand products, it is not an absolute taboo.
    It is okay to try them once or twice, but it is not recommended as a must-have for beverages

    What should I choose? The best drink is boiled water, whether at home or going out, boiled water is the first choice, which is safe, healthy and economical
    In addition, liquid milk and yogurt can be used as children's daily drinks.
    Milk tastes good, nutritious, and safe.
    It also helps children develop and maintain a good habit of drinking milk every day
    In addition to encouraging children to eat whole fruit raw, it is best to drink fruit juice and vegetable juice that is squeezed by the family, or immediately squeezed by the beverage store.
    It is fresh, safe, good in taste and rich in nutrition
    If it is a commercially available fruit juice, it is best to choose NFC fruit juice (non-concentrated reduction, no water, no sugar), otherwise you must carefully look at other ingredients in the product ingredient list, including sugar, water,

    Soy milk, coconut milk, nut milk, oat milk, etc.
    are plant beverages.
    Soy milk can be used as a drink for children to drink every day.
    Family members, especially female members such as mothers, should also drink it every day
    If you buy a packaged drink on the market, you should also read the ingredient list and nutritional composition list on the package, and pay special attention to whether other ingredients such as sugar and salt are added
    (Editor Li Chuang)

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