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    Stroke: Relationship between gastrointestinal disease and the risk of first ischemic stroke.

    • Last Update: 2020-10-17
    • Source: Internet
    • Author: User
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    Recent studies have shown that changes in the gut microbiome can lead to atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.
    although many gastrointestinal diseases are known to disrupt the normal human gut microbiome, the impact of gastrointestinal diseases on the clinical outcomes of subsequent cerebrovascular diseases remains unclear.
    , researchers conducted an exploratory analysis to assess the relationship between gastrointestinal disease and ischemic stroke in a research paper published recently in the leading journal of cardiovascular disease.
    conducted a retrospective queue study using a nationwide sample of medical beneficiaries between 2008 and 2015, including only beneficiaries aged 66 and over.
    researchers used previously validated diagnostic codes to determine the main outcomes of ischemic stroke.
    the researchers classified gastrointestinal diseases based on anatomical location, chronicity of the disease, and the mechanism of the disease.
    researchers used the Cox proportional risk model to assess the correlation between the category of gastrointestinal diseases and ischemic stroke, and to adjust demographic and known vascular risk factors.
    average of 1725,246 beneficiaries per analysis, several gastrointestinal disorders were associated with an increased risk of ischemic stroke after adjusting for known stroke risk factors.
    most significant positive correlations include stomach diseases (risk ratio of 1.17 (95% CI is 1.15-1.19) and functional gastrointestinal diseases (1.16 ( 95% CI 1.15-1.1.) 17) ), inflammatory gastrointestinal diseases (1.13 ( 95% CI is 1.12-1.15) and infectious gastrointestinal diseases (1.13 ( 95% CI is 1.12-1.15) .
    contrast, the researchers found no association between and rectal diseases (0.97 (95% CI 0.94-1.00)) or tumor gastrointestinal diseases (0.97 (95% CI 0.94-1.00)) and stroke.
    , it can be seen that some gastrointestinal diseases are associated with an increased risk of future ischemic stroke after adjusting demographic characteristics and known stroke risk factors.
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