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    Structure characteristics and parameters of electronic platform scale

    • Last Update: 2011-09-20
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    Structure features of Shanghai Yizhan weighing instrument Co., Ltd

    / electronic platform scale: there are separate load weighing platform and connected column to install weighing display instrument

    Working principle of electronic platform scale: the electronic platform scale uses the principle of force deformation of electronic strain element to output small analog electrical signal, which is transmitted to the weighing display instrument through the signal cable to carry out weighing operation and display weighing results

    Electronic platform scale has a variety of display modes: digital tube display [led], liquid crystal display [LCD], fluorescent display [VFD] and liquid crystal point vibration display

    The platform is equipped with overload protection device to protect the load cell [prevent limit overload]

    The weighing range of electronic platform scale is about 30-600 kg

    According to the model of weighing display instrument, the technical parameters and functions of electronic platform scale are different

    Basic technical parameters: Zui large scale Max: Zui small scale Min: calibration graduation n = max / E: graduation value E / D: accuracy class III: electronic platform scales such as rated voltage AC / DC belong to the medium accuracy class according to national standards

    Functions of electronic platform scale: automatic zero setting after startup, manual peeling / zero setting, AC / DC power supply, digital display of weighing data, weight accumulation function, counting function, weight inspection and sub inspection function, dynamic weighing function, data recording function, control alarm function

    Optional output interface: RS-232 computer interface, printing interface, can be connected with large screen display to make the data fair and open

    The electronic platform scale has the advantages of accurate weighing, high degree, fast reaction speed, convenient use, intuitionistic and eye-catching weighing data display, which avoids all kinds of errors caused by visual errors

    Reasonable use of weighing software can realize computer management of weighing data and scientific measurement

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