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    Study finds new endamide coffee dimethyl

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    Yunnan coffee relies on the characteristic plateau climate and rich and diverse ecology, the formation of containing substances accumulated rich, rich taste but not bitter, fragrant but not strong, oily, fruity fragrance and other unique quality, Nestle and other international enterprises must be one of the raw materials, making Yunnan a global important production base of small grain coffeeYunnan provincial government to the coffee industry in the plateau characteristics of the eight agricultural industries, coffee industry in the implementation of Yunnan Province to build a world-class "green food brand" strategic objectives, also occupies a very important positionQiu Minghua's team at kunming Plant Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has been studying the material basis and quality formation mechanism of the unique quality of Yunnan coffee in recent yearsIn recent years, a range of bioactive inclusions have been found in Yunnan coffee, such as the New Coffee Ditri compound (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2014, 62: 2631-2637), the new coffee diazelate (Food Chemistry 2018, 263: 251-257;), the new type of diazey (Fitoterapia 2019, 132: 7-11), Natural Products and Bioprospecting 2018, 8:413-418), greatly enriched the diversity of Yunnan coffee 'contained material accumulation'The team also reviewed the progress of synthesis pathways and biological activity of substances contained in caffeine, chlorogenic acid, gourd bard, melanin, acrylamide and diazepam in coffee, and reported trends in acrylamide levels in Yunnan, where coffee roasting is high and social concerns are high (Food and Function, 2019, 10: 3113-3126; Recently, Qiu Minghua's team found a series of coffee diazepam compound Cafemide A-G from the ripe beans of Yunnan coffee, which are classified into I-III subtypes according to the characteristics of chemical structureUsing LC-MS/MS-based molecular network technology in trace-based endamide-type coffee dilated, seven novel coffee dilated II subtype endamide compounds were quickly identified and their structure seiscastd by the formation of multi-stage mass spectrometry fragmentsLC-MS/MS analysis also proved that: In addition to the presence of coffee diazepam I-III subtype endamide compounds, Yunnan coffee roasted beans also have a variety of other subtypes of nitrogen-containing diazepam compoundsIn the biological activity studies showed that Cafemides A-C, E and G showed better alpha-glucosine inhibition, which was more active than the first-line clinical treatment drug acapolin of diabetes, and had the potential function of controlling blood sugarThis is the first time in the study of coffee chemistry to find nitrogen-containing coffee dizo, once again interpreted the Yunnan coffee "rich accumulation of containing substances" unique qualityResults published in Journal of The Agricultural and Food Chemistry (2020, 68:6112-6121; DOI: 10.1021/acs.jafc.9b08149)Immature coffee beans are the most important kind of defective beans, will cause the bad taste of coffee, once mixed into the commodity beans, it is difficult to distinguish, thus affecting the overall quality of coffeeTherefore, Qiu Minghua team used the method of 1H NMR-based chemometric analysis to explore and track the markers affecting coffee maturity, and established a model of rapid identification of the partial least-difference differential analysis (PLS-DA) of coffee immature beans, and studied the maturity in depthThe accumulation of degree markers in different degrees of maturity in fresh fruit, and combined with coffee cup measurement, clarified the relationship between the accumulation of maturity markers and coffee quality, which provides an important theoretical basis for understanding the formation mechanism of Yunnan coffee quality, controlling the best harvest period of fresh coffee fruit, and ensuring the quality of Yunnan coffeeThe study was published in Food Research International (2020, 132: 109121; DOI: 10.1016/j.foodres.2020.109121)(
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