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    Suitable for a wide range, more price advantage... The homegrown HPV vaccine is coming, about?

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    Medical Network June 11th, the first batch of domestic HPV vaccine landed, a number of domestic provinces and cities can be scheduled vaccinationIndustry insiders believe that cheaper domestic vaccines are expected to increase the rate of HPV vaccination, reaching more women.
    As a vaccine against cancer, HPV vaccine (HPV vaccine) has been a "red" vaccine of much public concernRecently, with the price of more advantage, stable supply of domestic divalent HPV vaccine "landing", women want to get vaccinated have more options. "Net Red" vaccine has a domestic version of "the price is lower, may be better appointment, should I play?" Zhang Ningning, 32, who works in Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province, was back in the spotlight in early May when a news broke.
    On May 18, the country's first domestic two-valent HPV vaccine (commodity name "Xinkonin") was vaccinated in Hubei Province Maternal and Child Health Hospital, and a 10-year-old Wuhan girl became the first person in the country to be vaccinatedThe listing of "Sinkonin" has broken the dependence on imported vaccines.
    Human papillomavirus (HPV) is considered to be the cause of cervical cancer and other cancers, and both men and women may be infected, and HPV vaccination of age and suitable population scann can prevent the occurrence of related cancers, said DrLei Xianzhi, deputy director of the Department of Gynaecology oncology at the National Cancer Center and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. "Vaccination can prevent cancer, and after the message spread, there was a time when i met a female friend talking about whether to get the HPV vaccine, where to fight, how to make an appointment, and so onIn Zhang Ningning's view, HPV vaccine is indeed a "net red" vaccine, after entering the domestic market its topic of heat has been sustained for a long time.
    According to data from the China Food and Drug Inspection Research Institute, according to 356 million women of appropriate age and 3 needles per person, the gap in China's HPV vaccine market exceeds 1 billion.
    At present, the legitimate listing of HPV vaccine in China includes imported divalent vaccine, imported tetravalent vaccine, imported nine-valent vaccine and domestic dicatory vaccine "Sinkonin" fourAmong them, the price of "Xinkonin" is 329 yuan / needle, from May, the first batch of 93,643 vaccines can be scheduled.
    Relevant departments said that due to differences in the time of vaccine procurement and supply, it is recommended to consult community health service centers in the district or township health hospitals to prevent vaccination clinics. "Priceist, a little heart-throb" At present, Hubei, Xinjiang, Jilin, Yunnan, Jiangsu, Shandong and other regions as the first batch of vaccination sites, has begun to use "Xinkoning." On social media platforms, some users are asking questions about how to book vaccinations, the cost of vaccinations, and moreFor some young women, "where to get the needle" is the most important concern after determining their intention to get vaccinated.
    "Worker's Daily" reporter in a vaccination appointment program to inquire, including Wuhan, Kunming and other cities have domestic HPV divalent vaccination servicesAs of June 3, wuhan, for example, a total of 11 appointment vaccination clinics, community health service stations and other institutions in the small program to provide domestic HPV vaccine reservation entrance, but there are several interfaces show lack of stock or lack of seedlings;
    At present, "Xin Koning" has been in Yunnan Baoshan, Dali, Kunming and other areas of the "landing", there are many women in the community service centers and other institutions in line to register, vaccination. "It's a lot cheaper than imported vaccines, and it's a bit of a moveChen Yi, who works in Beijing, saidOn June 4, she called the nearest community hospital to inquire and was told that there was no domestic HPV vaccine and that the outbreak had affected her, and that she had to wait for a telephone call to import the HPV tetravalent vaccine, and she decided to "wait and see."
    From "one shot hard to find" to the bulk market to talk about HPV vaccine, Guan Yunshan, who lives in Beijing, describes himself as one of the first "crab eaters"In 2017, when she learned that the importof HPV vaccine was entering the domestic market, she called a community hospital near her homeOn the first working day after the Spring Festival in 2018, she was given the first dose of the imported HPV tetravalent vaccine, "by the third day my friend will go again, there will be no seedlings." "One shot is hard to find" is how many people feel about the HPV vaccineIn 2019, Peng Xin, who has just graduated from college, waited six months to import the HPV nine-price vaccine and catch the 26-year-old's "last bus."
    In addition, the more expensive price of importing HPV vaccines has left some women hesitant between fighting and not fighting"I'm in my 30s, Spending thousands of dollars on vaccines, not knowing how good it isZhang Ningning told reporters.
    In her view, the pace of domestic vaccine launches is firmer than the HPV vaccination boom around 2018"After all, the group of people who are particularly enthusiastic are basically vaccinated, and those of us who are still hesitating may be more rational in choosing." Industry insiders say that with the mass market of domestic vaccines, the domestic HPV vaccine supply constraints can be better alleviatedAt the same time, cheaper domestic vaccines are expected to increase the rate of HPV vaccination and reach more women. (At the request of the interviewee, the name of the person in the article is a pseudonym)
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