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    Summary of relevant national standards for inspection and testing in May

    • Last Update: 2022-05-21
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      [ Chemical Machinery Equipment Network Industry News ] Inspection and testing are widely involved in all aspects of social life, and play an important role in improving product quality, promoting industrial upgrading, and protecting the ecological environment
    The relevant standards for inspection and testing are the norm for inspection and testing work.
    With the rapid development of China's inspection and testing industry, relevant standards are also continuously updated to provide guidance for inspection and testing services


    Chemical machinery and equipment network industry dynamics chemical machinery and equipment
      This time, the chemical instrument network has sorted out the relevant national standards for analysis, testing and instruments that will be implemented in May
    There were a large number of relevant standards in May, involving different fields such as electronic appliances, petrochemicals, metals, and agriculture

    It is worth noting that GB/T 12519-2021 General Technical Conditions for
    Analytical Instruments , GB/T 30433-2021 Standard Chromatographic Columns for Liquid Chromatography Testing and other relevant standards for analytical and testing instruments will also be officially implemented on May 1, for the instrument.
    The industry brings new product standards


    Analytical Instruments Chromatograph
      Compared with GB/T 12519-2010, GB/T 12519-2021 adds the specific content of instrument classification and naming; GB/T 34042 is added to the requirements for instrument performance characteristics; GB/T 34065-2017 is adopted for instrument safety; Added requirements for electromagnetic compatibility and reference standards for test methods; inspection rules adopt GB/T 25472
    The revision and implementation of this standard has improved the terms and definitions of analytical instruments, updated the relevant indicators and test methods of each unit component, and made the standard consistent with the new technology of analytical instruments



      The specific standards are arranged as follows:

      Original title: Summary of national standards related to the implementation of inspection and testing in May
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