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    Super fast gene sequencing for diagnosis of severe nervous system infection

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    However, the traditional detection method does not have a competitive advantage! < br / > now, researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, have developed a new generation of macro genomic sequencing (mngs) for the diagnosis of acute nervous system inflammation, which has proved to be a better way to identify infection than any standard clinical method< br / > the study was published in the Journal of New England Journal of medicineThe study recruited 204 hospitalized patients with acute nervous system inflammation, who had meningitis, encephalitis or myelitis, but no definitive diagnosis was madeMngs test provides an unbiased detection method, which can identify almost all possible pathogens in spinal cord fluid, including bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites, which provides doctors with clear treatment direction and saves a lot of time< br / > half of all acute meningitis and encephalitis cases in hospitals across the United States are not well diagnosed, and these patients in serious condition need a better detection tool, said Charles Chiu, MD, University of California, San Francisco < br / > you should know that less than half of meningitis and encephalitis cases are caused by infection, and most of the rest are the result of autoimmune reactionThese two situations require different treatments, so doctors first need to know which inflammatory disease the patient hasTherefore, the rapid diagnosis brought by mngs technology is indispensable for guiding the treatment of patients with acute infection< br / > using this test, the researchers found 19 infections that could be detected by traditional methods, but also 13 that could not be detected by traditional methods, such as a rare case of StLouis encephalitis virus infectionIn all participants, 31 patients were diagnosed with acute nervous system inflammation and they carried 32 different infections< br / > however, this test is not perfect, there are still 26 kinds of infection can not be diagnosedThis is mainly due to the absence of DNA from these pathogens in spinal fluid, so it is necessary to analyze different samples (such as brain abscess tissue) or use indirect detection methods (such as antibody test) to diagnose< br / > reference: < br / > [1] superfast gene sequencing helps diagnose critically ill patients
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