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    Suzhou Goodtech plans to increase its capital by US$2 million in AICS, a subsidiary company in Malaysia

    • Last Update: 2022-05-23
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      According to the announcement, the main purpose of the capital injected by Suzhou Gutechnetium in this capital increase is to purchase raw materials, equipment and supplement working capital and other daily operations
    After the completion of this capital increase, Goodtech Electronic Technology will still be a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, and AICS will still be a wholly-owned subsidiary of Goodtech Electronic Technology



      It is understood that AICS was established in 1995, and its applications include design, procurement, sales, assembly and testing of integrated circuit chips and other auxiliary activities
    In 2018, Suzhou Goodtech realized 100% holding of AICS

    , Although Suzhou Goodtech has completed several capital increases in AICS after the acquisition, AICS will still be at a loss in 2021 when the integrated circuit industry continues to maintain a high level of prosperity



      Suzhou Gutechnetium stated that the purpose of this capital increase is to meet the continued investment in AICS projects under construction and the capital needs for daily operations, mainly for the purchase of raw materials, equipment and the supplement of necessary working capital to ensure the daily operation and sustainable development of AICS , improve its overall profitability


      It is worth noting that AICS temporarily has risks such as logistics, raw material supply, and personnel shortage in daily operations
    The company will continue to promote the improvement of AICS' operating model and risk control mechanism, and improve AICS's management level and profitability by adjusting its business strategy, dispatching management teams, and providing financial support



      According to the data, Suzhou Solid Technetium's business is mainly concentrated in the field of semiconductors and photovoltaics
    A few days ago, the company released the results announcement for the first quarter of 2022.
    During the reporting period, the net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company was 58.
    013 million yuan – 70.
    0712 million yuan, an increase of 15.
    01% over the same period of the previous year; basic earnings per share was 0.
    0718 yuan per share – 0.
    0867 yuan/share



      Original title: Suzhou Goodtech intends to increase capital by US$2 million in AICS, a subsidiary company in Malaysia
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