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    TAG: Endoscopic excision treats early esotomy tumors with susceptible to esothotic stenosis

    • Last Update: 2021-02-23
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    In the past 20 years, endoscopic excision of early esothral tumors through endoscopic mucosa excision (EMR) or endoscopic mucosal epidural peeling (ESD) has been widely successful.
    EMR and ESD are effective treatments for early esothra tumors, widespread removal of esothyra endoscopes can lead to esother stenosis.
    currently, there are no guidelines for preventive treatment of these cramps.
    Local injections or systemic corticosteroid hormones are the most promising preventive treatment options, but there are safety issues, so this study aims to explore the treatment of esothra stenosis after endoscopy to solve the real problem of early esotomy tumors.
    study included all patients treated for early esophageal cancer with endoscopic excision, followed by endoscopic dilation at a third-level referral center.
    we recorded demographics, endoscopy and histological characteristics, as well as narrow therapeutic outcomes.
    Between January 2010 and December 2019, the researchers' medical center performed 166 endoscopic mucosa excisions and 261 endoscopic mucosa peels on early esocopic tumors, of which 34 (8.0%) patients developed esother stenosis that required endoscopic treatment.
    endoscopic excision was 15/34 (44.1%) of Barrett's tumor formation and squamous cell tumor formation (SCN) 19/34 (55.9%).
    9 out of 34 patients (26.5%) had to expand only once, while 22/34 (65%) had complete swallowing difficulties after 3 endoscopic treatments.
    the number of mid-level expansions after the SCN is significantly higher, requiring more than 3 times, .0 (2-7); 1-17;p  = 0.02]。
    after an average follow-up of 25.3±22 months, endoscopic dilation eased swallowing difficulties in 97.0% of patients.
    study found that endoscopic mucous membrane peeling is a rare event with resuscable esothy tube stenosis.
    after an average of 2.5 endoscopic dilations, 97.0% of patients had reduced swallowing difficulties.
    Einas Abou Ali. Et al. Management of esophageal strictures after endoscopic resection for early neoplasia. Therapeutic Advanceds in Gastroenterology.2021.MedSci Original Source: MedSci Original Copyright Notice: All text, images and audio and video materials on this website that indicate "Source: Mets Medicine" or "Source: MedSci Originals" are owned by Mets Medicine and are not authorized to be reproduced by any media, website or individual, and are authorized to be reproduced with the words "Source: Met Medical".
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