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    Taiwan bananas are sold in Japan, and the truth about the fact that the pesticide residues exceed the standards of netizens on the island

    • Last Update: 2021-06-13
    • Source: Internet
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    This article is transferred from [Overseas Network]; Source: Taiwan Media Overseas Network, April 15th.
    Taiwan’s bananas exported to Japan recently reported that pesticide residues exceeded the standard

    According to the latest violation report by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan, the bananas sold to Japan by Taiwan Agricultural Development Company in early April were found to have a pesticide deltamethrin residue exceeding the standard of 0.
    02ppm (Japanese standard 0.
    This incident also triggered the island.
    Hot discussion from netizens

    According to Taiwan’s United News Network on the 15th, there are 400 boxes of bananas involved, which are Taiwanese Oolong Bananas

    Since it was found to be inconsistent with Japanese drug regulations before it was put on the shelves, Taiwan Agricultural Development Corporation took the initiative to apply for destruction and trace the cause

    On March 13th, a Japanese manufacturer found that the fungicide beacamine was 6 times more than the standard on bananas in Taiwan.
    About 750 boxes were removed from the shelves

    Taiwan Agricultural Development Chairman Hong Zhongxiu confirmed that it is a fact that these Taiwanese Oolong Bananas were destroyed

    Hong Zhongxiu said that the reason for exceeding the standard is suspected to be pollution from neighboring fields, or from other containers or other pollution sources

    He said that the destruction of oolong banana is a fact, and the supplier is currently tracing it to avoid the recurrence of related problems

    This incident also triggered a heated discussion among netizens on the island.
    Everyone sarcastically said: "Taiwanese don't know how many poisonous bananas they eat.
    " Taiwan’s quarantine has been shortened or even exempted.
    It’s just a "convenience to Taiwan".
    "The mainland let Li Huitai, and Taiwanese people think it is the mainland owed Taiwan

    The mainland bans pineapples, and the mainland apologizes

    Japan bans bananas.
    Not dare to let it go, “it has broken the illusion that Taiwan feels good about itself” and so on

    (Overseas Net Wu Qian)
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