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    Take stock of paint paint 8 major crimes Don't be "paint" cheated!

    • Last Update: 2020-08-25
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    , is a must-have decoration! Therefore, in the decoration more or less will produce some problems, small editor will take everyone together to take stock of the paint 8 crimes, but also with a solution, hurry to learn it!the first sin: paint peeling, one
    the phenomenon is that the surface is too smooth. If the original
    is light paint or powder (plus untreated color slurry paint), the new paint on the surface is not sticky, there is also a reason for wood decay or metal rust spots, it may also be poor paint quality and peeling off.
    small area of paint peeling, can be polished with fine sandpaper, then putty, paint primer, and then repaint. Large areas of peeling must be scraped off and repainted.The second crime: paint foaming
    encountered paint foaming, will puncture the bubble, a situation is water out, that is to say, the paint layer under or behind the moisture seepage, by the sun, water evaporated into steam, will put the paint skin into a bubble. The second case is no water in the bubble, it may be cracked wood, there is a small amount of air inside, through the sun, air expansion, paint skin on the drum.
    For the former water situation, you can first remove the foaming paint with a hot air spray gun, let the wood dry naturally, then paint the primer, and finally repaint the entire repair surface. For the latter waterless situation, first scrape off the foaming paint skin, and then fill the cracks with resin fillers, repaint, or do not use fillers, after scraping off the paint skin, directly coated with micro-hole paint.the third crime: cracks appear
    small cracks appear on the surface of the paint, mostly due to the use of incompatible paint, the upper layer and the paint expansion coefficient under the different.
    this situation is mostly chemical paint remover or hot air spray gun to remove the paint, and then re-paint. If the fracture range is not large, then sanding blocks or dry and wet sandpaper can be used to water, grind off the broken paint, after the surface is smooth, apply putty, brush primer, and repaint.
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