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    Take the internationalization route of the market to maximize the profits of enterprises - Long Yulilian Group held a grand 2019 supply and marketing conference

    • Last Update: 2020-11-20
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    On the afternoon of February 16th, long-term lilian group held the 2019 supply and marketing conference, the main venue is located in the group headquarters report hall, Deyang company, Puyang company, Panzhihua company set up a branch meeting place, held in the form of video conferencing. Chairman Xu Gang, Vice Chairman Tan Ruiqing, President Fan Xianguo, Executive Vice President and Ben Flow and other leaders attended the meeting, the Group's finance, research and development, quality control, production, equipment and other relevant departments and supply and marketing personnel attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Qu Haiming, Assistant President of the Group and Executive Vice General Manager of the sales company,
    meeting, Tan Ruiqing, Vice Chairman and Vice President of Marketing of the Group, made a report on the 2019 supply and marketing work on the theme of "Working hard to achieve positive profit growth of the Longyi Group in 2019, selling profits, buying profits and shipping profits". He first summarized and reviewed the 2018 sales price of the company's titanium dioxide, the actual sales of iron and titanium ore and sales two, procurement, logistics work objectives of each section of the completion, focusing on the 2019 titanium white powder sales target, sales price target, sales rebate, customer satisfaction specific requirements, pointed out the specific work objectives and priorities of each section. The key work of the purchasing company is: First, to continuously optimize the procurement platform, improve supplier management, strengthen the procurement base. Second, increase the original auxiliary materials market research and pre-judgment, do a good job in the operation of procurement. Third, re-sorting business processes, especially to strengthen the bidding work, highlighting the "buy-out benefits." Fourth, to go deep into the market, open up the market, do fine, do through the market. The key work of the logistics department is: First, to continuously optimize the logistics platform and innovate logistics management. Second, continuous optimization of logistics programs, strengthen the bidding management of materials, to achieve "shipping benefits." Third, pay attention to logistics-related aspects of safety and environmental protection work, lean management, strengthen control. He stressed: to subdivide the task, strengthen the assessment. Work should not only strive to "dry", but also highlight a "slicing" word, reflecting more work, reward and punishment lazy. The purpose of the company's marketing work is to maximize the company's interests.
    for the company's 2019 business strategy, Tan Dong put forward guiding direction and specific requirements. He carefully analyzed the international and domestic titanium dioxide market and the company's industry position, requiring all supply and marketing personnel must make good use of the advantages of long-term group titanium dioxide, dialectically handle the balance of production and marketing, make good use of the strength and status of the group, correctly understand the market, grasp the market, lead the market, unified thinking, cohesion, practice internal skills, reduce efficiency, "profit maximization" as a baton, heavy prize for the group's profits to make a significant contribution. The overall requirements for supply and marketing work in 2019 are: purchasing companies should take the initiative to purchase and promote strategic procurement of the Group, and sales companies should master the market voice, reaching a new high profit in 2019.
    meeting, Group Chairman Xu Gang made an important speech. He emphasized the following six aspects: First, about maximizing corporate profits. Enterprises to operate legally, to obtain the maximum profit, which is the purpose of enterprise development. Without profit, businesses cannot survive. Company in order to survive, to achieve the healthy operation and development of enterprises, is all the group's senior executives, management team to do the main thing every day. To maximize the profits of enterprises, this is a thing that all cadres and employees think and do together every day. Second, flexible response to market risks. Companies should actively face the market, the release of market risks is a strategy to deal with. Third, on the Group's deep integration work. In the past year, the integration of the various units of Jiao Zuo, Deyang, Puyang and Panzhihua has played a great role. The unity of sales price, the unity of material procurement and so on, the integration is very good. Integration, first of all, the integration of people, followed by the integration of the system. For example, about the base, Deyang company, Puyang company three bases, are sulfuric acid method titanium dioxide production line, between the three bases to carry out in-depth benchmarking work, through the targeting gap, analysis of the reasons, the formation of ratio, learning, catch-up, help, super good atmosphere. Xu Dong proposed: The next step is to carry out the in-depth integration of production management systems, and comprehensively promote and enhance the lean management level of enterprises. Fourth, about the internationalization of the sales market. In order to establish the international thinking of market sales, the international business department has taken a very good measure to take the internationalization route, which is worthy of recognition. Only by taking the international route can the Group go further and further. Fifth, with regard to the bidding system. To bid system as a basic system in enterprises gradually spread out, in-depth bidding work, promotion work to be exquisite, to achieve the ultimate. Special attention should be paid to the following three situations: First, for the bidding work is incomplete or existing loopholes, must be strictly managed; Both advocate low-cost bidding, but also to ensure quality. Third, correctly handle the contradiction between bidding and work efficiency. We should not only carry out bidding work, but also improve work efficiency, to ensure the project, production and other aspects of material demand. Sixth, about the enterprise marketing incentive mechanism. The whole marketing incentive mechanism of the enterprise is very important. In 2019, we will continue to reward those who have made special contributions to the supply and marketing work, and establish incentives to reward those who have done so.
    meeting, Yao Ge, Assistant Chairman of the Group, briefed on the Group's international layout planning, fully demonstrating the concept of "international vision, forward-looking options", will promote the Group's "Global Dragons and Dragons" new process. Sales company's international business department on behalf of Dong Yongyi, domestic business department on behalf of Yang Minwei, Panzhihua company deputy general manager Wang Qiang, procurement company sales department on behalf of Wang Lijun, procurement system on behalf of He Qingbing, logistics system on behalf of Hu Bin made a statement, labor model on behalf of Wang Shundong, Wu Provincial Committee also made a statement.
    meeting, Group President Fan Xianguo signed the 2019 Sales Company Economic Liability Contract and the 2019 Purchasing Company Economic Liability Contract with The General Manager of the Sales Company, Tan Ruiqing, and the Purchasing Company's Executive Vice President Li Mingshan, respectively. On behalf of the sales company, Tan Dong signed the 2019 economic liability contract with the head of the sales system department, and Li signed the 2019 economic liability contract with the head of the procurement logistics system department on behalf of the purchasing company.
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