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    Targeted complement signaling pathrapies Innovative antibody therapies are eligible for FDA priority review

    • Last Update: 2021-01-22
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    Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation-related thrombosis (HSCT-TMA) is a potentially fatal complication associated with stem cell transplantation.
    is a systemic, multi-factor disease caused by endoblast cell damage induced by stem cell transplant surgery.
    the complementary coagulation pathway activated by endophysic injury and played a central role in the occurrence and development of HSCT-TMA.
    there is currently no approved HSCT-TMA therapy.
    Narsoplimab, also known as OMS721, is a monoclonal antibody that targets MASP-2.
    MASP-2 is a new type of anti-inflammatory protein target, but also the effect enzyme of complement coagulation pathway.
    importantly, inhibiting MASP-2 does not appear to interfere with the classical complement activation pathways of antibody dependence, which is a key component of the infection-reactive immune response.
    , narsoplimab is expected to reduce HSCT-TMA while avoiding an increased risk of infection.
    has been awarded a breakthrough treatment by the FDA for the treatment of high-risk HSCT-TMA patients.
    in late-stage clinical trials, high-risk HSCT-TMA patients treated with narsoplimab had nearly six times higher survival rates at 100 days than in historical controls.
    . Gregory A. Demopulos, Chairman and CEO of Omeros, said, "There are currently no FDA-approved products for the treatment of HSCT-TMA, a common and fatal complication of stem cell transplantation.
    are committed to continuing to work closely with the FDA review team to bring this drug to patients who need it as quickly as possible.
    : This article is intended to introduce medical and health research, not treatment options recommended.
    if you need guidance on treatment options, visit a regular hospital.
    : s1. Biologics License Application for Narsoplimab in HSCT-TMA Accepted for Priority Review by U.S. FDA. Retrieved January 19, 2021, from [2] Narsoplimab. Retrieved January 19, 2021, from
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