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    Tarim Oilfield gas supply exceeds 300 billion cubic meters

    • Last Update: 2022-04-18
    • Source: Internet
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      As of March 14, PetroChina Tarim Oilfield has supplied over 300 billion cubic meters of gas to the central and eastern regions of China through the West-East Gas Pipeline System, which is equivalent to 1.
    5 times the country's total natural gas production in 2021.


      Nearly 18 years after the West-East Gas Pipeline Project was put into operation, Tarim Oilfield has always regarded ensuring national energy security and stable gas supply as its primary political task, promoting natural gas as a growth and strategic project plan, and challenging the world of ultra-deep, ultra-high temperature and ultra-high pressure.
    To solve the problems of high-level exploration and development, we will make every effort to improve the ability to ensure natural gas supply

    In 2021, the oil and gas production of Tarim Oilfield will reach 31.
    82 million tons, achieving an increase of over one million tons for five consecutive years, of which natural gas production will reach 31.
    9 billion cubic meters


      While making every effort to ensure the West-East Gas Pipeline, Tarim Oilfield has accelerated the “West-to-West Gas Use” strategy, turning resource advantages into economic advantages, driving the economic and social development of Xinjiang, especially the southern Xinjiang region, and promoting ethnic unity and frontier construction
    Up to now, the "No.
    1 Project" of PetroChina's aid to Xinjiang, the Southern Xinjiang Natural Gas Benefiting the People's Project, has extended to 3,035 kilometers, covering 42 counties, cities, and farming and animal husbandry farms in the five prefectures of southern Xinjiang.
    The gas supply exceeded 46.
    6 billion cubic meters, enabling the 8 million people of all ethnic groups in southern Xinjiang around the Tarim Basin to step into the "natural gas age" from the "firewood and coal age"


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