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    Teach you homemade yogurt, mellow, than buy delicious, no longer need to go out to buy.

    • Last Update: 2020-08-21
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    original title: Teach you homemade yogurt, strong, than buy delicious, no longer need to go out to buyyogurt is rich in protein, lactic acid bacteria, calcium and carbohydrate milk products.yogurt has a wealth of nutrients, can promote digestion, enhance the body's immune function, but also play a role in preventing osteoporosis, prevent aging, anti-cancer, lower cholesterol and so on.But the market to buy yogurt, too many additives, such as pigment, sugar, thickeners, and so on, and the date is at least a few days, not as good as their own homemade yogurt, fresh no added, very simple and convenient, let's see it.first prepared at room temperature pure milk, yogurt machine and bacteria powder bag, many shops have to buy bacteria powder yogurt machine preferential activities, do not have to buy yogurt machine yogurt machine is to buy germ powder sent, with several years, now many are stainless steel guts. Capacity is 1L, 1L pack of pure milk just good, and a small packet of powder production is also just 1L.1, the yogurt machine's inner bile, lid, outer bile, cover all clean, and with boiling water to burn 2 times, reduce the entry of bacteria.2, pour pure milk into the gut.3, add germ powder, if there is no germ powder, you can also buy a small bottle of yogurt finished products to add.4, mix well with the sterilised clean chopsticks or spoon.5, put the inner bile on the lid, put in the yogurt machine, cover the cover.6, yogurt machine power, constant temperature fermentation. Many yogurt machines say fermentation time is 6-8 hours, but I think fermentation 14 hours of milk is good fermentation, when the lid opens, you can see that yogurt is solidified, no longer water.7, just made yogurt, warm and warm, this time the taste is a bit astringent, put it in the refrigerator refrigerated for a few hours, let it taste passivated.yogurt is made, it's not sweet. Want to eat how much to take out how much out, the rest put in the refrigerator to save, can put three or four days.yogurt can be paired with your own taste, with honey or sugar or nuts or dried cereal or dried fruit, depending on your preference.How's , isn't it easy? Friends who like to drink yogurt can try it out at home.. Thank you for reading, if you feel that this article is helpful to you, you may wish to like forward attention, each of your likes forwarding is the driving force of my creation, thank you.. Responsible editor:
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