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    Technical indicators and application of hydrogen peroxide

    • Last Update: 2022-01-04
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    [Technical Index] GB1616-2003


    (1) Drinking water treatment

    Hydrogen peroxide pre-oxidation of drinking water is an effective and economical way to replace chlorination.
    It does not produce organic chlorine, and can significantly remove low-molecular-weight dissolved organic matter in water, thereby reducing the organic chlorine generated during the disinfection process.
    At the same time, hydrogen peroxide also reduces Can obviously inhibit the growth of algae

    The hydrogen peroxide pre-oxidation system is more efficient than the conventional precipitation process in removing organic matter, and the organic matter removed is mainly soluble organic matter

    The removal test of algae, organic matter and turbidity in water by hydrogen peroxide pre-oxidation shows that adding proper amount
    of hydrogen peroxide can significantly improve the removal rate of turbidity, algae and organic matter in water
    When the dosage of hydrogen peroxide is 4mg/L, the removal rate of algae is 84.

    In terms of sterilization, the dosage of hydrogen peroxide for general bacteria and sterilization efficacy is 3-10mg/L


    (2) Circulating cooling water treatment

    Hydrogen peroxide is used to treat industrial cooling water, which can improve the taste of water quality, eliminate unpleasant odors, and reduce color.
    Moreover, its decomposition products do not pollute the environment, are easily discharged on-site, and do not react with ammonia in circulating water


    (3) Three waste treatment

    Hydrogen peroxide treatment of wastewater mainly relies on the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide to produce free hydroxyl groups with strong oxidizing ability
    The commonly used H
    2 O 2 -Fenton system (called Fenton reagent) has been widely used as a treatment agent.
    At the same time, hydrogen peroxide is often used in combination with other methods (such as ozone oxidation, ultraviolet radiation, etc.
    ) to enhance the treatment effect and deal with those difficult Decomposed pollutants

    Sulfides, cyanides and phenols are often treated with hydrogen peroxide

    Sulfuric acid can be generated when H
    2 O 2 is used to treat waste gas containing SO 2 and H 2 S , turning waste into treasure .
    Hydrogen peroxide has excellent effects on phenol, cresol , chlorophenol and other phenols .
    In the presence of room temperature, pH 3-6 and FeSO 4 catalyst, hydrogen peroxide can quickly destroy the structure of phenol.
    During the oxidation process, the benzene ring is split into two acid-free ones, and finally CO
    2 and H 2 O are generated .
    Hydrogen peroxide can also be used to decolorize wastewater discharged from printing and dyeing plants and dye production plants .

    (4) Bleaching

    In the paper industry, using H 2 O 2 bleaching instead of chlorine bleaching (using Cl 2 and NaCIO as bleaching agents) can avoid the production and discharge of harmful pollutants, organic chlorides, which are highly toxic, even carcinogenic, and seriously pollute the environment
    Chlorine bleaching was used for textiles and knitwear in the early days, and the emissions polluted the environment, and the products after bleaching were prone to yellowing for a long time

    At present, H
    2 O 2 has been basically used for bleaching at home and abroad , which eliminates chlorine pollution, improves the environment, and improves product quality.
    Also, because it is easy to clean after bleaching, it can reduce water consumption and save plant and land




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