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    Technological innovation promotes the rapid development of enzymes

    • Last Update: 2022-09-02
    • Source: Internet
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    Our reporter Zhu Meiqiao

    With the rise of national health awareness, fermented food has flourished.

    Experts at the meeting discussed the current situation and future development trend of the fermented food industry.

    Enzyme market consumption is hot

    Zhang Yongjian, director of the Food and Drug Industry Development and Supervision Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, introduced that fermented food refers to a type of food that people use beneficial microorganisms to process and manufacture.

    In recent years, the scientific research and innovation of fermented food has been very active, which has promoted the rapid development of the fermented food industry

    According to Lu Tao, Secretary-General of the Enzyme Industry Branch of the China Bio-Fermentation Industry Association, in the past 10 years, China's enzyme industry has been in a stage of rapid development, and the enzyme product market has become increasingly popular

    In 2021, among the top 10 categories of general dietary nutritious foods on the Tmall platform with year-on-year growth, in terms of year-on-year incremental transaction volume, enzyme foods will rank third, second only to vitamins and probiotic foods

    Health needs drive industry innovation

    With the implementation of the "Healthy China" strategy, the national demand for enzyme products has increased

    Ji Baoping, a professor at the School of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering, China Agricultural University, said that the key to the development of fermented food is functional strains, functional ingredients, functional evaluation, fermentation process, sensory quality, and shelf life

    Lu Tao emphasized that enzyme food has good health attributes and is suitable for supplementary nutrition for sub-healthy people

    "The enzyme industry has certain technical thresholds.

    Different fermented foods have different nutritional and health values

    It is urgent to consolidate the standard and research and development foundation

    Fermentation industry is a national strategic emerging industry and an important civilian production industry

      The self-discipline work of the enzyme industry needs to be further coordinated and improved

      Zhang Yongjian believes that China should improve enzyme industry standards and strengthen enzyme research as soon as possible

      Ren Difeng, a professor at the School of Biology at Beijing Forestry University, said that in order for enzymes to meet industrial production standards, they need to have scale and adopt scientific production methods

      "China's enzyme industry has four major characteristics: rich raw materials, profound technical background, national policy support, and green ecology


      "China Food News" (06 edition on March 02, 2022)

      (Editor-in-charge: Zhu Meiqiao)


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