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    Ten Construction Company made every effort to win the pressure test of Gulei Ethylene

    • Last Update: 2021-06-07
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      Sinopec News.
    In the past few days, the tenth construction company of the refining and chemical engineering company has mobilized the talents to win the battle of the 800,000 tons/year ethylene plant pipeline pressure test of the Gulei refining and chemical integration project, for safety, quality, efficiency, and implementation on schedule The project's start-up and feed targets have laid a solid foundation.

      It is understood that the total number of pressure test packages for the process pipeline of the Gulei Refining and Chemical Ethylene Plant has reached 2883, which is one of the key lines for the entire project construction, which directly affects the start-up and feeding process of the ethylene plant.
    Facing the tight construction period, Shijian Company started from April 10, according to the ethylene plant start-up feed plan formulated by the owner and general contractor, unified coordination and unified command, and quickly set off the peak pressure test of the ethylene plant pipeline.

      The relevant supervisors and leaders of the ten construction company and the heads of various professions are closely watching the front line of the construction operation, optimizing and improving the pipeline pressure test plan, and passing "finding items, flaw detection, material inspection, measures, personnel, machinery, and targets" The pipeline pressure test "three checks and four determinations" strategy implements all-round and three-dimensional control of the pipeline pressure test progress.

      In the pipeline pressure test, Shijian Company organized relevant professional persons in charge to clarify ideas, clarify tasks, and fully understand the importance of pipeline pressure test nodes to achieve the ethylene plant start-up and feed targets, and use efficient construction organization, sufficient construction force, and perfect The construction plan of the ethylene plant closely focuses on the start-up and feeding plan of the ethylene plant, and goes all out to ensure that each pipeline meets the pressure test requirements.

      With the hard work of nearly 1,000 employees participating in the construction, the pressure test tasks of 428 pipeline pressure test packages were successfully completed in only 20 days.
    As of May 11, 2,802 pressure tests have been completed for the ethylene plant pipeline pressure test packages, accounting for 97.
    2% of the total pressure test, which has won time for the ethylene plant to achieve the start-up feed target.

      (Tian Yuanwu)

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