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    Ten questions about water-based coatings, how much do you know?

    • Last Update: 2020-11-26
    • Source: Internet
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    A question
    : skilled paint coating technician, how long does it take to master the operation of water paint?
    : generally less than half a day of training and familiarity can be basic master, three days can be skilled.
    : What can water paint do?
    : Like paint, brushing, spraying, roller coating, showering and immersion, etc.
    asked the
    : Is it true that many people say that water paint is harder to operate than paint?
    : No, but the vast majority of painters are used to the operation of paint use, and water paint is a new thing, as long as adapted and skilled, water paint will be simpler than paint

    asked the
    : How to use water paint for the body protection of the coater?
    : Wear a mask to prevent paint film from entering the nostrils, mouth, eyes, mouth. Immediately after painting, clean it with clean water.
    friday asked
    : water paint brush painting the most important need to pay attention to what?
    : First, if you use a new wool brush, you must immerse it in clean water with cleaning and fine-tuning for more than ≤ 2 hours, and then rinse it clean with clean water;
    : Water paint water problem?
    Answer: the preferred pure water, the second choice of tap water by filter filter after the use of impurities, strictly prohibit the use of well water or mountain water, etc. , in addition to avoid water paint plus water is added to use, need to be stirred evenly, placed after half an hour to use, preferably placed more than 8 hours, in order to allow water molecules to fully blend water-based resin.
    : What does the spraying of water paint need to pay attention to most?
    Answer: First, the gun nozzle model is generally used 1.5;
    : How do you understand the viscosity of water paint?
    A: just made of water paint viscosity is very low, just like water, need to be thickened in accordance with production standards before it can be produced and used, water paint thickening is very simple, plus a small number of thickeners, you can thicken to paste-like viscosity, so the viscosity of the high and low can not be used to measure what water paint, can not take the viscosity size, the international paint trend direction is low viscosity high solid content. When the paint gets cold, the viscosity becomes err, and the paint becomes hot and the viscosity becomes smaller.
    : Is there a standard viscosity when water paint is used?
    Answer: Yes, to operate the need to develop viscosity, according to the coating -4 cup standard, such as the head degree primer is generally less than 14 seconds, varnish for 35 to 45 seconds, and so on, and can not be hard set water measurement, how much water to viscosity needs.
    : Is viscosity important when using water paint products?
    : Important, it affects the coating quality and coating performance, effect, etc.
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