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    Texas: Promoting Equalization of Public Health and Improving the Health Care System

    • Last Update: 2020-05-12
    • Source: Internet
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    this year, our city further deepened the reform of the medical and health system, the medical association pilot successfully launched,

    public health

    equalization services solidly promoted, the medical system is more perfect.  The newly established Canal Economic Development Zone Medical Association, led by the City's Second People's Hospital, with the participation of the German Cotton Hospital, machine tool hospital, canal street health hospital and five community health service institutions

    Zheng Linxuan, vice president of the Medical Union of the Canal Economic Development Zone, "The results of the examination of the medical complex of diagnosis and treatment resources, some advanced high-end inspection projects, high-tech sharing, inpatient transfer procedures simplified, as a large hospital area, the implementation of green channels." The selection of medical experts to sit in primary health hospitals is a collaborative content of the medical complex

    Guo Peijun, a doctor at the Second People's Hospital in Texas, came to canal street health hospital today to treat patients

    Patient Li Chaohua "from the small hospital can see a big expert, spend less money to see the big disease, very convenient, very good." Experts sit on the doctor so that the "community first consultation" has become a reality, but also changed the "big hospital can not see the disease, small hospital sit bad disease" status quo

    The resulting medical model of "two-way referral of graded diagnosis and treatment" also alleviates the problem of the high cost of medical care for ordinary people

    Liu Yumei, director of the Canal Street Health Institute in the Canal Economic Development Zone, can be transferred back after the patient's treatment in the second hospital is stable, and enjoy the high proportion of community reimbursement and better facilitation of environmental services

    In three-level medical institutions such as the Second People's Hospital of Texas City, the proportion of reimbursement for new farmers is about 70%, while the proportion of reimbursement for community hospitals and township hospitals as a first-level medical institution can reach 85%.
    As our city continues to promote

    public health

    equalization services, more and more citizens have their own private doctors, more and more convenient to see a doctor

    By the end of June, the number of family doctors in our city had signed up 2.6921 million people, with a contract rate of 47.2%

    In the first half of the year, 174 medical institutions in the city paid a total of 351 million yuan for 198,000 patients.

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