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    Thailand's Ministry of Public Health has released the results of random sampling of Thai oil bars

    • Last Update: 2021-02-24
    • Source: Internet
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    Food Partners Network News Thailand's Ministry of Public Health February 8 news: The Ministry's agency Medical Bureau Director Supakij said that in order to protect the health of consumers, in Bangkok and nearby areas randomly collected a total of 80 samples of Thai oil bars for sale for testing.
    analysis test results are as follows: 1, the results of the borax test kit show that none of the 80 samples tested were borax-free; bonate) or baked ammonia (to help thai oil strips become fluffy); 3, from 80 samples randomly selected 21 samples for repeated use of frying oil testing, the use of testing polar substances kit results show that the samples tested did not find polar substances. Sutakakij, director of the
    Medical Bureau, continues to say that because Thai strips are foods with high starch content and are fried at high temperatures, acrylamide may be contained, which is caused by the Maillard reaction reaction during high-temperature heating of tianmen dongamide and reduced sugar.
    toxicology studies have shown neurotoxicity if acrylamide is taken in high doses, according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).
    , acrylamide levels were detected in 25 Thai oil strip samples using a liquid chromatography/triple quadrupole mass spectrometry instrument (Chromatograph/Triple quadrupole Mass Spectrometer (LC-MS/MS).
    test results are: 1, the content of acrylamide in the sample tested is: 0.04-0.48 mg/kg; There are 3 types of oil strip samples: crispy mini strip, fluffy oil strip and brand oil strip, the content of acrylamide in these three types of Thai oil strip is 0.31 mg/kg, 0.09 mg/kg and 0.05 mg/kg.
    Supakij, director of the
    Medical Bureau, added that comparing the levels of acrylamide in Thai oil strips with the risk assessment data of acrylamide in Thai foods in 2011 (e.g., fried banana slices, fried taro, French fries, etc.) resulted in: 1, the content of acrylamide in Thai oil bars and in fried taro. The content of acrylamide is similar, the average content of acrylamide in fried taro is: 0.14 mg/kg;
    Supakij, director of the National Bureau of Medicine, concluded that Thai oil bars sold in and around Bangkok were safe to find no borax and no polar substances.
    and detected that the level of acrylamide in Thai oil bars was still at safe consumption levels compared to the 2011 acrylamide risk assessment data in Thai food.
    if ammonium bicarbonate is used in moderate frying at high temperatures, the substance will completely evaporate, leaving no odor in Thai oil strips, and no harm to consumer health.
    ammonium bicarbonate, ammonia can irritate the throat.
    , in order to be healthy and safe should avoid inhaling ammonia, should not continue to eat Thai oil strips every day.
    if buying Thai strips, be careful to observe the color of the frying oil used by merchants, and choose protein-rich foods to eat with.
    article was compiled by the International Standard Law Department of Food Partners Network for reference by netizens.
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    International Standard Law Department is responsible for english, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Spanish and other relevant countries and regions of food safety standards regulations and information dynamic monitoring and analysis, while providing enterprises with label audit, import and export compliance consulting services.
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