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    Thailand's TOA, the largest decorative paint manufacturer in Southeast Asia, plans to go public in 2017

    • Last Update: 2021-07-25
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    Global Paint Network News:

    According to foreign media reports, Thailand’s TOA, the largest decorative paint manufacturer in Southeast Asia, is considering an initial public offering (IPO).
    It is reported that TOA is controlled by the Tangkaravakoon family in Thailand.
    TOA is hiring banks to evaluate its listed assets.
    The total amount is estimated to reach 400 million U.
    dollars, and the time of listing on the Stock Exchange of Thailand is expected to be 2017.

      TOA Group was founded in 1957.
    At the beginning, it was just a small family->
      TOA has been committed to technological innovation for many years.
    In 1981, it first introduced and developed pure acrylic emulsion technology.
    In 1997, it introduced lead-free and mercury-free paint in Thailand.
    In 2000, it introduced a computerized tinting system and pioneered it on a computer.
    Simultaneous operation of latex paint, top coat and wood paint technology.
    In 2004, TOA introduced Tiandun technology to develop the most reliable anti-bacterial paint.
    At present, the SuperShield sealant, Duraclean paint and NanoShield antibacterial coatings developed by TOA have been distributed in many countries in Southeast Asia, including Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam.

      In the field of industrial coatings, TOA has also established a joint venture with Chugoku, which mainly produces marine coatings; and a joint venture with Union Paint of Japan to produce wood coatings.
    In addition, its chemical business unit also produces all-weather Adhesives for plywood and a joint venture with Shinto Coatings of Japan to enter the field of automotive coatings.

      TOA first entered China in 1996, when TOA Coatings (China) Co.
    , Ltd.
    was established in Shanghai.
    Later, it has sales branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi'an and other places.
    At the same time, it has established more than 20 provinces and cities in China.
    The sales network has achieved quite good results in many cities in southern China.
    Currently, the northern Chinese market is handled by Beijing Taiouya Paint Co.
    , Ltd.

      At present, TOA products are currently sold in most countries in the world, and there are more than 20 subsidiaries active in different countries.
    According to the “2015 World Top 100 Paint Companies Ranking” released by the coating industry, Thailand’s TOA ranked 30th with 2014 sales of 636 million U.

      According to Euromonitor, TOA is expected to promote the sales of coating products in the Asia-Pacific market through the listing.
    In the five years from 2015, the annual growth rate of TOA coating sales is expected to reach 39%.
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    Global Coatings Network News:




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