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    Warm review of "anti-epidemic action" of paint industry people (updated on March 2)

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    Since1 months, novel coronavirus pneumonia has affected the hearts of the Chinese peopleThe Central Committee of the party and the State Council have made important arrangements, and the whole country is unitedIn the case of rapid changes in the epidemic situation, the coating industry actively supports the front line of prevention and control, and all units have rapid response and positive action, < br / > not only shows the responsibility of the enterprise, but also reflects the rapid response ability, resource allocation ability and action execution ability of the enterprise< br / > every glimmer can be illuminatedIn this war without smoke of gunpowder, in the face of the invisible "enemy", it is every enterprise and everyone who is fightingI believe everything will be better, the epidemic will pass, and spring will come! < br / > warm review of "anti epidemic action" of coating industry people: < br / > the following contents < br / > and the statistical time is up to March 2 < br / > day: < br / > (no matter in sequence < br / > successively < br /) < br / > Lubrizol < br / > recently, the third batch of donated materials of Lubrizol Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd5000 hooded one-piece protective clothing (refer to the executive standard gb19082-2009) was delivered to WuhanThis batch of materials will be donated to the new pneumonia prevention and control headquarters of Hanyang District of Wuhan city by Hubei Charity Federation for epidemic prevention and control in Wuhan cityDow ChemicalDow 1688 official flagship store partners, Jian Bei Xing jointly donated a batch of washing free bacteriostatic hand washing and condensation to nine hospitals and community volunteer teams in Hubei to help them strengthen personal protection in the working environmentThis is the third donation organized by Dow since the outbreak of the new crownNovel coronavirus pneumonia,cosmos, played an important role in the battle against new crown pneumoniaIt is the key to rapid detection of virus and control of the epidemicAfter receiving the call for help from Bo'ao crystal core, kostrong urgently requested to provide relevant polycarbonate film to produce nucleic acid detection kits for detection of new coronavirus All departments coordinated urgently with the highest priority and kept working day and night After the completion of production, the kits were delivered to Chengdu by air and put into the production of nucleic acid detection kits, and bear all the costs of the air transportation Novel coronavirus, a air product company, was announced on the 25 th of The company announced that the air products company foundation, which was registered at the US headquarters, allocated $100 thousand (about 700 thousand yuan) to continue to provide assistance to China in combating the new coronavirus As one of the first multinational companies responding to the call for epidemic support, the company donated 500000 yuan to the Red Cross Foundation of China at the first time of the outbreak in Hubei Province to support the urgent medical needs of Hubei Province < br / > Jotun coating < br / > the emergency hospital area of Shenzhen Third People's Hospital, known as "Shenzhen version of Xiaotangshan", is only completed and put into use in 20 days After the steel structure of CSCEC received the construction task, it is urgent to find the anti-corrosion coating scheme suitable for the construction of the hospital, which is not only suitable for rapid coating, but also to meet the design requirements of the hospital's medium and long-term service life After receiving the call, Jotun coatings opened the green express channel in an emergency manner, and the relevant personnel of the factory, storage, transportation, customer service, finance and other related personnel were "on duty" in a timely manner Through the "cloud office" mode, they solved the transportation problems and delivered the first batch of coatings in less than 24 hours, which solved the urgent need of steel structure anti-corrosion in hospital construction < br / > Yunhu coating < br / > after receiving the purchase order of steel structure anticorrosive coating for construction of multiple temporary hospitals from CSCEC, Yunhu coating donated this batch of coating to CSCEC free of charge to fight the epidemic < br / > King Kong chemical (KCC) < br / > in this critical moment of unity to fight against the epidemic, the five wholly-owned subsidiaries of KCC group in China have also taken active action and devoted themselves to the war "epidemic" without smoke of gunpowder Up to now, King Kong chemical has donated 1.2 million yuan in total to help fight the epidemic < br / > PPG < br / > on February 24, PPG announced that it would donate 1 million yuan to the Red Cross Foundation of China The donation will be novel coronavirus support and support for the recovery of the new coronavirus, including support for medical staff at the front-line rescue, training and mental health counselling, and rehabilitation of the communities and families affected by the epidemic Haihong novel coronavirus elderly people donated 23 medical materials worth 1 million yuan to the Hubei Charity Federation for the purpose of preventing and controlling the new coronavirus infection in Hubei on the day of 2 < br / > Wanhua chemical < br / > Wanhua chemical provided 300 kg of TPU wire and 100 kg of TPU powder to peak sports free of charge, and made a 3D printing mask regulator to donate to the first-line medical staff in Hubei Novel coronavirus infection was reported to be donated to 500 thousand yuan in , Henan on 7 March It was used to cope with the new pneumonia epidemic situation In February 10th, the Hubei Dayu Jiuding new Mstar Technology Ltd donated 500 thousand yuan to Xiaogan East Hubei City, Xiaogan, to support the local anti epidemic work Wanhua chemical novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control battle entered a critical stage In order to ensure adequate supply of front-line protective equipment, Wanhua chemical actively contacted downstream partners, and ordered 10000 medical polycarbonate goggles to donate to hospitals in Wuhan, Huanggang and other epidemic prevention units, providing security for more fighting fighters in the forefront of the epidemic prevention < br / > Lubrizol Life Sciences < br / > Lubrizol urgently contacted the high-quality production enterprises in the infusion equipment industry, and successfully purchased 48000 sets of high-end intravenous infusion equipment made of Lubrizol medical grade thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer pellethane ® as the raw material, to escort the treatment of first-line patients, and to deliver the urgently needed medical materials to the first line of anti epidemic in batches through Hubei Charity Federation < br / > Daikin (China) < br / > mcwell China, a subsidiary of Daikin group, donated 300000 yuan to Wuhan Charity Association for the purchase of all kinds of urgently needed medical, disinfection supplies, masks and other materials Aimec air filter (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Daikin group, donated 200 air purifiers to the epidemic area of Wuhan to help the epidemic area < br / > on February 20, Mr Yuan Shuhua, chairman of Wanhui coatings and chairman of hua'en foundation, said that he donated 200000 yuan, which was later supported by more caring people in Hong Kong, with a total donation of 880000 yuan The first batch of medical materials purchased by hua'en foundation in Shenzhen and Wuxi, including 400 barrels of "84 disinfectant" and 300 sets of protective clothing, were sent to Nanning, Guangxi In order to support the anti epidemic work more accurately, under the coordination of the Federation of overseas Chinese, the foundation entrusts the Federation of overseas Chinese of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region to send it to the first-line hospital urgently according to the needs of local epidemic prevention and control < br / > Xiangjiang lacquer < br / > Xiangjiang lacquer donated 20 tons of disinfectant, 10 tons of medical alcohol and 15700 yuan to hospitals and primary and secondary schools to fight the epidemic The group has done novel coronavirus, and has donated 1 million yuan to support the first-line hospital for epidemic prevention through the Red Cross Society, and donated 1 million yuan to the Zhong Nanshan foundation to fight against the scientific prevention and control of new coronavirus pneumonia The group and its employees work together to contribute to the fight against the epidemic < br / > on February 18, the board of directors of Pentium Co., Ltd donated RMB 270000 to Zoucheng Red Cross Society to help Zoucheng people fight against the epidemic In novel coronavirus infection control department, Dow company donated 800 pieces of Wei Wang 84 disinfectant (16 tons) and 2000 sets of special food and beverage detergent (total 40 tons) to , a Dow Chemical Company to support front-line anti epidemic workers It provided effective disinfection products for first-line medical workers and logistics support personnel to ensure safety This is another batch of material donations after Dow donated 1 million yuan at the beginning of the outbreak on January 29 < br / > with the official departure of a batch of 20 tons of 84 disinfectant sent to Wuhan, Hubei Province on the morning of February 18, CNOOC Energy Technology & Services Co., Ltd has donated more than 700 tons of 84 disinfectant so far, covering 22 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, more than 30 cities and more than 150 units, Continue to make unremitting efforts for epidemic prevention and control < br / > mettux < br / > vice president of Guangdong Provincial Federation of overseas Chinese scholars, member of the CPPCC Provincial Committee and chairman of the board of directors of Guangdong mettux Group Co., Ltd donated 10 million yuan of patented product "antiviral coating" jointly developed with Corning company, one of the world's top 500 companies < br / > dawn < br / > up to now, dawn shares has accumulatively sent more than 2000 tons of PP melt blown special materials for mask cloth to dozens of customers in more than 10 provinces, such as Hubei, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong, etc The novel coronavirus infection control and donation ceremony was held in Shandong charity group, Shandong Shengguang Chemical Group Co., Ltd on the 17 th of 2, , and donated two tons of special coatings for the construction of the negative pressure isolation ward in Shengli hospital < br / > METTLER TOLEDO < br / > some of Mettler Toledo's employees gave up their holidays, worked overtime to contact CDCs around the country to understand the needs, donated a batch of pipettes and filter cartridge suction heads to Huanggang CDC in an emergency to do their best for the detection of confirmed cases of Huanggang flying Kay novel coronavirus pneumonia material was first returned to Shanghai in February 10th, when the customers of the integrated circuit, display and optical fiber industry resumed work to ensure the supply of raw materials The company donated 100 thousand yuan to the Baoshan District Red Cross in Shanghai for the purpose of coordinating the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control Novel coronavirus , , is doing its own prevention and control work, and has fulfilled its corporate social responsibility and actively supported the work of fighting the new coronavirus epidemic As of February 14, 2020, the company and its subsidiaries have donated a total of 1.03 million yuan with their own funds < br / > Anhui Meijia new materials Co., Ltd < br / > in the face of the coming epidemic situation, Anhui Meijia new materials Co., Ltd donated 50000 yuan and a batch of protective materials to Fanchang County epidemic prevention and control emergency headquarters to fight the epidemic together with the whole nation < br / > keschuang < br / > the epidemic situation is severe Keschuang urgently coordinates and makes every effort to distribute polycarbonate materials and thermoplastic polyurethane materials as soon as possible for its customer Hikvision (thermodetector manufacturer), so as to prevent and control the epidemic situation In addition, kostrong polyurethane business department has also recently donated 1200 sets of neck pillow and waist rest to Dabieshan hospital in Huanggang, Hubei Province, together with its customer Sinochem Group < br / > Huntsman < br / > after close communication with relevant industry partners, Huntsman donated 1 million yuan of production materials and adjusted the material logistics channel as soon as possible to ensure the supply of materials at the front of the epidemic novel coronavirus pneumonia, Longhai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., in order to support the fight against the epidemic, Longhai chemical donated 50 thousand yuan through the Red Cross Society of Poyang to support the Hubei against the new crown pneumonia virus (
    ) < br / > the chairman of the board of directors of the company donated RMB 1041750 to the people's Government of Xinshi town on behalf of the company and all employees through the local charity federation (including 800000 yuan donated by Zhejiang Daqiao paint Co., Ltd., 100000 yuan donated by Zhejiang Daqiao e-commerce Co., Ltd and 141750 yuan donated by all employees of the company) < br / > chairman of cassisbury paint group, chairman of Wanhui paint Co., Ltd and founder of hua'en foundation have arranged individual donation of 200000 yuan to help fight the epidemic through Guangxi children's village < br / > Yajia powder < br / > the general manager of Yajia has purchased a batch of front-line protective materials such as masks from many places, donated 5500 masks to the staff of Heshan industrial city (Gonghe town) in the front line of the battle for free, and donated 1000 masks for free
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