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    ThawSTAR cell resuscitator-the "black technology" of automated dry thawing of cells

    • Last Update: 2021-10-01
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    On June 23, 2021, the CFDA officially approved the introduction of the chimeric antigen receptor CAR-T cell therapy product of Kite from the United States by Fosun Kate for marketing, the first approval in China The industry morale of the cell therapy products on the market was greatly encouraged.

    In fact, cell thawing and recovery requires a "comfortable temperature" range to maintain a good survival rate after thawing.


    ThawSTAR is simple to operate, and the process is as follows:


    The ordering information of ThawSTAR CFT series cell resuscitator is as follows:


    Currently, several CAR-T cell drugs that have been on the market mainly use cryopreservation bags for filling and thawing.

    The full name of CAR-T cell therapy is chimeric antigen receptor T cell immunotherapy.

    Aiming at the most critical step of thawing and resuscitation process before intravenous injection of cryopreserved bags of cells to patients, BIOLA developed the ThawSTAR CB cell program resuscitation instrument! It provides a safer and more effective new way for realizing the standardized thawing method of cryopreservation bag cells!

    ThawSTAR CB cell program resuscitator is a resuscitator for the standard thawing of cell cryopreservation bags.

    Similarly, ThawSTAR CB optimizes the operation design, and the process is as follows:

    ThawSTAR CB cell resuscitation device, optional program, simple operation, safe thawing!


    The ordering information of ThawSTAR CB series cell resuscitator is as follows:


    Traditional cell medicines mainly use cryopreservation bags to store cells and inject them for clinical use.

    The ThawSTAR AT6 cell program resuscitation instrument was developed by American Biolace as early as 2018, and it has been adopted by many well-known foreign immune cell companies.

    The ThawSTAR AT6 cell resuscitator compares the thawing time performance of liquid nitrogen and dry ice cryopreserved samples at different doses, as follows:

    There are many models of ThawSTAR AT series cell resuscitation instruments.

    If you need to apply for a demo machine trial, please contact us as soon as possible!

    Authorized distributor in China: Shanghai Longxi Industrial Technology Co.

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