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    The 11th 2015 Guangzhou International Coatings Exhibition Concurrent Event Catalog

    • Last Update: 2021-11-25
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    Concurrent activities: 2015 2nd China Titanium Dioxide Application Summit Forum National Coating Industry Chain Business Development Forum Internet Thinking New Marketing Model Innovation Conference of Chemical Industry 2015 Guangdong Coating Industry Association Annual Conference 2015 Coating Pretreatment Technology Summit Forum Guangdong Coatings Enterprise Production Line On-site inspection activities Hebei Province Adhesive and Coatings Association Guangdong Trade Inspection Activities Coatings Industry Cleaner Production Technology Promotion Conference Industrial Coatings Supply Procurement Instructions Special Architectural Coatings Industry Purchasing Instructions Special 2015 Second China Titanium Dioxide Application Summit Forum 

    Time: May 10-11, 2015 Venue: Guangzhou Organizer: Guangzhou International Coatings Show, China Titanium Dioxide Network The 
    only titanium dioxide industry website designated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology "China Titanium Dioxide Network" and a member of the International Exhibition Industry Association (UFI) Guangdong The "2015 Second China Titanium Dioxide Application Summit Forum" co-sponsored by Zhizhan Exhibition Co.
    , Ltd.
    will be organically combined with the "COAT EXPO 2015 Eleventh Guangzhou International Coatings Exhibition", and will gather global high-quality coating suppliers and manufacturing Enterprises and purchasers communicate directly in the "Forum", which grasps the global coatings and ink industry and the development trends of upstream and downstream, and creates a more transparent and fair communication platform for the participants and the industry
    National Coatings Industry Chain Business Development Forum Time: May 10, 2015 Venue: Guangzhou Organizer: Guangzhou International Coatings Show, Guolian Resource Network
    With the development of modern coatings industry, the coatings industry is facing the dual pressure of economic growth decline and cost increase.
    The requirements for labor, environmental protection, and safety are getting higher and higher, which intensifies the cruel competition in the coatings market and the survival of the fittest
    In order to promote technical exchanges and cooperation in the coatings industry, accurately understand the development trends of the industry, adjust the development direction and product positioning of the enterprise, and accelerate the development and application of new materials, new processes and new technologies in the industry .

    Summarizing the experience of many chain business conferences, and fully combining the opinions and suggestions of industry customers, actively innovating, basically forming the following six characteristics:
    High-end technology exchanges in the industry-brainstorming and win-win future development opportunities Precise contacts, business opportunities Contact and excavation—Master the secrets of success in advance Panoramic exhibitions and negotiations of enterprises and products—face-to-face in-depth contact with many users Lead the industry and recommend outstanding On-site video interviews with outstanding entrepreneurs—discover the stories behind the success



    ————China Good Coatings Coatings Industry Outstanding Entrepreneurs and Enterprise Recording Video Show @ Water-based Coatings Industry You and Me Weibo-Keep up with the big era of Internet marketing development Fortune Night New Marketing Innovation Conference in the Chemical Industry under Internet Thinking Time: May 11, 2015 Venue: Guangzhou Organizer: Guangzhou International Coatings Exhibition, Guolian Resources Network
    "Grasp the Trend" conference: Entrepreneurs from the upstream and downstream of the chemical industry chain gather at the venue to listen to the interpretation of the Internet by the leaders and experts of the national authority New Trends in China's Chemical Industry

    "Common Development" Conference: Survive in Difficulties and Conspiracy of China's Chemical Companies' Blue Ocean Strategy

    "Pursue Innovation" Conference: Chemical Industry Internet Experts, Big Data Experts, Business Model Experts, and Network-wide Marketing Strategies They will bring you unprecedented new business opportunities.
    Highlights of the conference: |Leaders' gathering|Entrepreneurs, experts, and industry insiders from upstream and downstream of the chemical industry chain gathered to discuss the development of new business models in the era of Internet big data in China's chemical industry .
    |Communication|For the first time, experts in Internet thinking new marketing model are invited to the site to discuss development opportunities |Rich content|How chemical companies use the Internet thinking model to transform and upgrade; how chemical companies do a good job in B2B e-commerce platforms; how chemical companies carry out online marketing; chemical companies How to carry out micro-marketing; how to carry out O2O marketing for chemical companies ; how to carry out foreign trade online marketing; how to use Internet finance for chemical companies; 2015 industrial coatings global supply and procurement instructions



    Procurement of major groups: ships, containers, bridges, marine anti-fouling corrosion, port machinery, aerospace, high-speed rail car manufacturing, chemical and other
    Participating companies to be invited: AVIC Aircraft Company, GAC Group, BYD, Guangzhou Shipyard, Huangpu Shipyard, CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive, Guangzhou Iron and Steel Group, Guangdong Ocean Anti-corrosion and Anti-pollution Engineering Co.
    , Ltd.
    , Chengfei Aircraft Manufacturing Company
    Architectural coatings industry ReMarks special major procurement group types: architectural design, real estate, real estate, home decoration, furniture, building materials, and government procurement .
    Procurement companies to be invited: China State Construction Group, China Railway Construction, Construction Engineering, Evergrande, R&F, Vanke, Agile, Country Garden, Red Star Macalline, JSWB, Oriental International Building Materials City, Indian Small-scale Paint Association, Thai Paint Manufacturers Association Vietnam Federation of paint procurement .
    2015 Guangdong Coatings Industry Association Annual Conference
    2015 Guangdong Coatings Industry Annual Conference will be held at the same time as the exhibition.
    This meeting is the annual membership meeting of the Coatings Association.
    All member companies of the association will actively participate, such as: China Resources, Zhujiang Chemical, Jiabao Li, Zhonghua Paint, Wuyang, Meitushi, Wazebu, Zhanchen Paint, Guangdong Bard, Dabao, Hualong, Bauhinia and more than 300 member companies; in addition, as the "2015 Eleventh One of the organizers of the "Guangzhou International Coatings Exhibition", the Guangdong Coatings Industry Association will organize member companies to participate in the exhibition collectively during the conference to communicate and negotiate with the companies on the exhibition site
    Coatings Industry Cleaner Production Technology Promotion Conference
    Guangdong Cleaner Production Association, as one of the co-organizers of COATEXPO 2015, will hold a "Coating Industry Cleaner Production Technology Promotion Conference" during the exhibition to guide and promote enterprises to carry out cleaner production, with the aim of The goal is to reduce pollution from the source, improve resource utilization efficiency, accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, transform economic development mode, achieve a win-win situation for economic and environmental benefits, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of cleaner production in the coating industry.
    Improve the level of clean production technology and management of enterprises








    On-site participating companies can sign up to participate in the "2015 National Cleaner Production Audit Training Course".
    The number of places is limited and the first registration is arranged

    Hebei Province Adhesive and Coating Association Guangdong Business Investigation Activity
    Hebei Province Adhesive and Coating Association adheres to the purpose of "serving enterprises and developing the industry", and strives to build a platform for member units to provide mutual exchanges and cooperation, technology and product promotion and publicity , A platform for promoting north-south exchanges and learning in the coatings industry, will organize member companies of the association to visit and inspect the "2015 Guangzhou International Coatings, Inks and Adhesives Exhibition".
    The Guangzhou International Coatings Exhibition Organizing Committee will introduce excellent coating industry companies one-on-one on the exhibition site to communicate with each other In addition, during the exhibition, the organizing committee will arrange a delegation to visit the production base of a large paint company in Guangdong



    Guangdong paint company production line site inspection activity
    COAT EXPO has received your strong support since its inception.
    In order to let paint user companies understand the productivity and product performance of paint companies more intuitively, the organizing committee will organize coatings during the launch in May 2015.
    Enterprises and coating user companies visited the old large-scale coating companies in South China to learn about the company's coating production lines and new products on the spot
    At the same time, taking this opportunity, upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry will gather together to fully communicate, make friends, expand the market, promote business development, and enhance friendship with industry customers .
    The organizing committee welcomes all coating manufacturers, user companies, processing companies and industry professionals to sign up .
    The 4th Guangzhou International Pigment Fair 2015 The 4th Guangzhou International Pigment
    Fair has been assisted by more than ten overseas associations and co-organized by many relevant domestic industry associations.
    It is also an international supplier of pigments, raw materials and equipment to expand and consolidate the Chinese market.
    One of the best marketing platforms.
    During the third Guangzhou International Pigment Fair in May 2013, a total of 17,000 professional buyers were received, and the number of overseas visitors exceeded 30%, of which 70% of the exhibitors received value-for-money The effect indicates that it will continue to participate in the paint exhibition




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