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    The 1.2 million tons/year LTAG unit of Beihai Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd. started successfully

    • Last Update: 2021-08-13
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      At 15:36 on August 7th, the 1.
    2 million tons/year LTAG unit of the Beihai Refining and Chemical Refinery Restructuring Project was successfully injected at one time, the whole process was opened up, and the unit was successfully started up, marking the full start-up of the structural adjustment and reforming project and entering the profit-making endowment The performance stage will further enhance the company’s crude oil processing capacity, optimize the product structure, increase the production of high value-added products, accurately adapt to market changes, and promote the company’s high-quality development


      The device adopts the LTAG patented technology based on MIP and the domestic first dual settler design.
    The core technology and main equipment are fully localized, which fully reflects Beihai Refinery's unremitting pursuit of achieving high-level technological self-reliance and building a technology-leading company

    In order to efficiently apply the domestically pioneered new technologies, under the company's overall strategic deployment, under the guidance of the design unit and the experts of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, various departments and units efficiently coordinated to coordinate construction forces, optimize the start plan, ensure safety and quality, and make every effort to increase speed and efficiency.
    In order to build roads and bridges in the mountains and overcome difficulties, we will not wait for others to overcome difficulties.
    We must pay close attention to the three inspections and four determinations, personnel training, on-site safety and environmental supervision, technical preparations, deductions, material control, logistics management, etc.
    This work provides a strong guarantee for the entire chain for the preparation, construction, start-up and operation of the installation


      When the boat reaches the middle stream, the only way to go is to fight for the first place
    At present, the overall operation of the plant is stable.
    Beihai Refinery will continue to strictly adhere to the bottom line of safety and environmental protection, optimize and adjust the operation of the plant, continue to maintain and consolidate the cost-effective comparative advantages of clean fuels, strengthen and optimize the clean fuel business, and write a new chapter in forge ahead

    (Chen Konglan and Huang Jianyun)

      Transfer from: Sinopec News Network


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