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    The "14th Five-Year Plan" chemical industry development plan of the three northeastern provinces

    • Last Update: 2022-09-20
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    During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, we will promote the transformation of the petrochemical industry to "oil reduction and increase" and fine chemicals, and promote the transformation
    of products from "raw material type" to "material type".

    Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of Jihua refining and chemical industry, and promote the extension
    of the fine chemical industry around the olefin industry chain to downstream new materials.
    Make good use of Gazprom and Russian oil resources, plan tens of millions of tons of refining and chemical bases, focus on the construction of Changling natural gas chemical industry, Daan clean energy chemical industrial park, and lay out the Hunchun oil and gas reserve base

    Accelerate the development of the biochemical industry and improve the polylactic acid industry chain
    Build a chlor-alkali chemical industry base in Shuangliao and build a Tonghua chemical industrial park

    By 2025, the industrial scale will reach 150 billion yuan



    From 2022 to 2026, we will develop high-end fine chemicals and new chemical materials, and accelerate the structural adjustment of the petrochemical industry to the
    middle and high-end.

    Give full play to the advantages of land resources and environmental carrying capacity, take the initiative to undertake industrial transfer, and promote the construction of
    new production and investment in polycarbonate, comprehensive utilization of Zhongfei alkanes, Daqing Petrochemical ABS and EVA projects, Hanguang Industrial MTBE processing projects, and Daqing Haiding Chemical New Material Industrial Park.

    Focusing on the diversification of petrochemical raw materials, we will make overall use of Daqing resources and Russian Far East resources, improve resource utilization, and achieve multi-level supply

    Seize new opportunities for shale oil exploration and development, plan to use shale oil resources to build a million tons of ethylene project, rely on petrochemical raw materials and technological innovation advantages, and promote the extension and development of
    basic chemical raw materials to high-end fine chemicals and new chemical materials.



    During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, we will coordinate and optimize the layout of the petrochemical industry, further integrate refining and chemical production capacity, promote the integration of refining and chemical, and comprehensively build a petrochemical industry base
    on Dalian Changxing Island (West Central Island).

    Actively develop the fine chemical industry, build the Fine Chemical Industry Belt in Liaodong Bay, and develop fine chemical industry clusters
    such as Fushun, Liaoyang, Huludao, Jinzhou, and Yingkou.

    Promote "oil reduction and increase", enhance the supply capacity of olefins, aromatics and their derivatives, build polyester, olefin bulk chemicals, general resins, synthetic rubber, polyurethane production bases, focus on propylene, rubber and plastic wax materials, special polyesters, special rubber and other products to carry out intensive processing, develop high-tech, high-value-added chemical products, and gradually improve the whole industrial chain
    from petrochemicals to new chemical materials and fine chemicals.

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