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    The 15th BIOFACH CHINA Asia Organic Exhibition closes

    • Last Update: 2022-09-22
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    News from this magazine (Reporter Wang Chongmin) Recently, the 15th BIOFACH CHINA Asia Organic Exhibition, co-sponsored by Nuremberg International Expo Group and China Academy of Inspection and Quarantine, closed in Shanghai
    At the meeting, leaders and guests from the State Administration for Market Regulation, China Academy of Inspection and Quarantine, the European Union Delegation to China, IFOAM International Organic Alliance, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark, and the German Embassy in China came to the exhibition site to congratulate BIOFACH CHINA & NATURAL EXPO CHINA Asia organic and natural exhibition held

    This year's exhibition highlights five highlights - 210 exhibitors from 6 countries and regions, with an exhibition area of ​​about 12,000 square meters; industry trends are released, and 4 industry summit forums and 9 organic and natural product interactive experiences will be held at the same time.
    Activities; the second council of the Organic Maternal and Infant Industry Alliance was held to discuss the future of organic maternity and infant brands; the "Organic Human Night" industry exchange dinner awarded a number of industry authoritative awards; the exhibition and the CBCE China International Elite under the Nuremberg International Expo Group The Brewing Conference and Exhibition will be held at the same location at the same time

    According to statistics, the number of exhibitors at BIOFACH CHINA Asia Organic Exhibition in 2021 will increase by about 45% compared with previous years, hitting a new high after the epidemic
    The exhibition is divided into four exhibition areas, namely brand product exhibition area, international product exhibition area, natural product exhibition area and organic mother and baby exhibition area

    The outbreak of the new crown epidemic not only caused huge losses to the world economy, but also had a great impact on people's production and way of life
    As the domestic epidemic situation stabilizes, consumers will have the opportunity to release their limited spending power-more attention will be paid to health, immunity and food safety than before, and organic and healthy diets will also usher in new market growth.

    China International Organic Product Development Forum is an annual trend release platform for China's organic industry.
    Heavyweight leaders, as well as guests and scholars have delivered wonderful speeches, focusing on the development of the organic market in the post-epidemic era, and conducting a new round of analysis and forecasting of the future market development trends of the organic industry at home and abroad, aiming to promote multilateral exchanges and discussions.

    Eason Food Purchasing Manager Zhang Yimin of QTOOLS commented: "As an old comrade-in-arms in the organic industry, participating in the organic exhibition in 2021 saw that many friends are still persevering in the organic cause, and found that more colleagues have joined the organic industry.
    I hope to work hard together in the future
    Organic has a future, and organic is healthier

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