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    The 2019 SIAL China Chinese Food Exhibition is the countdown to the opening, and you are invited to share the 20th event

    • Last Update: 2022-09-22
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    On April 17, 2019, SIALChina held a press conference in Beijing as the grand opening of the 20th SIALChina China International Food and Beverage Exhibition in January counted down

    From May 14th to 16th, 2019, the 20th SIALChina China Food Exhibition will officially kick off.
    As the exhibition draws nearer, the pre-registration platform for professional visitors of China Food Exhibition once again has a "pre-exhibition" blowout
    The advantages of the pre-registration platform are self-evident.
    In addition to obtaining the exhibition certificate in advance and reducing the time consumption caused by applying for badges on the day of the exhibition, all pre-registered professional visitors of the China Food Exhibition can invite appointments in advance through the Match-Making online business matching system.
    Exhibitors, in line with the event schedule that has been released one after another, can even lock the exhibition schedule in advance and start an efficient exhibition tour

    Liu Yingxia, Director of Business Development Center

    2019 is a year of great significance for SIALChina.
    Since it first entered the Chinese market in 2000, China Food Exhibition has gone through 19 years.
    With 17 pavilions, 4,300 exhibitors, and 112,000 professional visitors, SIALChina not only ushered in the 20th grand event, but also took the lead in realizing the "big full pavilion"! Just as flowers and applause are often accompanied by hardships and efforts, in the past In the past 20 years, SIALChina China Food Exhibition also experienced 5 years of hard work and 5 years of resource integration, and then tasted the sweetness of 5 years of rapid development.
    , great achievement!

    Nicholas, General Manager of SIAL Network

    In 2019, SIALChina, which is spread over 17 exhibition halls in Shanghai New International Expo Center, will come again in full costumes.
    There will be exhibitors from 70 countries and regions at home and abroad in costumes, and continue to write a 1:1 ratio of international and domestic exhibitors.
    Exhibiting industry myths
    Among the 8 major themes of the 2019 SIALChina China Food Exhibition, snack food is the dominant brand category of the China Food Exhibition, which will be presented in the four major exhibition halls of W1/W2/E1/E2
    In addition to leisure food, the theme of catering supply chain (E3, N2-N4) has achieved a five-fold increase in the size of the special area in just two years since the condiment area was established in 2017, and will exceed 2,100 square meters for the first time in 2019; The theme of high-end beverages and dairy products (E4) is the theme with the highest participation of star companies, and many well-loved dairy and beverage companies such as Vita, New Hope, and Yili will gather here; the theme of wine (E5, E6) welcomes Come and break out again, and cooperate with TopWine, a professional and high-quality international wine exhibition in Asia; the international cold chain theme (N1) continues to cooperate deeply with the China Federation of Things Cold Chain Committee, focusing on fresh food e-commerce, cold chain logistics, new Retail and other popular areas; the theme of functional nutritional food (E7) made its debut together with the China Health Promotion Foundation, the Nutrition and Health Food Branch of the Chinese Nutrition Society, and the Nanjing Guohuan Organic Certification Center, aiming at the hot field of health; the theme of comprehensive imported food ( W3-W5) and the theme of green agriculture (N5) are the traditional themes of the China Food Exhibition, which should not be underestimated

    Liu Jin, CEO of SIAL China, Managing Director of Beijing Aibo Xia Exhibition Co.
    , Ltd.

    In addition to the dazzling array of exhibits, professional and interesting activities are also "must-see items" not to be missed when visiting SIALChina
    A few days ago, the online registration system for the 2019 SIAL Innovation Competition has ended.
    Nearly 700 products have been submitted for the competition.
    The finalist products will be announced in the near future.
    The top ten finalists were announced, and which product will win the gold, silver and bronze awards in the 2019 Innovation Competition? On the first day of the exhibition opening on May 14, you can find out at the E3 Innovation Competition Award Ceremony!

    Ma Yanping, Deputy General Manager of Beijing Aibosia Exhibition Co.
    , Ltd.

    In addition, in terms of meat, aquatic products and other ingredients, Gourmet Kitchen (N4) and Fresh Life will still provide new insights for industry insiders to identify ingredients through culinary performances and fierce cooking competitions; for wine industry professionals, The Wine Innovation Forum (E5) and the China International Wine and Spirits Tasting Fair have irresistible charm.
    Star wine masters and sommeliers come to the scene, whether it is the development of professional knowledge or the discovery of new wines.
    An opportunity not to be missed; moreover, the China Fine Tea Brewing Competition (E4) will showcase the traditional Chinese tea culture, the Chocolate World (W2) will spread the dessert culture, and the Hotel and Retail Industry Forum (N5) will directly address the frontier hot topics in the industry
    It is worth mentioning that on the occasion of the 20th China Food Exhibition, one of the organizers of SIALChina China Food Exhibition - (China) Business Development Center will also hold the China Business Development Forum at the Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel in Shanghai at the same time.
    , with the theme of high-quality development of the food industry, to discuss the future of the food and beverage industry

    Press Conference Site - Waldorf Astoria Beijing

    Press Conference Site - Waldorf Astoria Beijing

    At present, the list of exhibitors and event schedule of the 20th SIALChina China Food Exhibition has been officially announced.
    Log in to the official website of China Food Exhibition or register through the official WeChat to become a pre-registered professional audience, and you can invite target exhibitors through the Match-Making online business matching system for free.
    Start an efficient exhibition tour in advance!

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