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    The 2020 China Probiotic Industry White Paper was released in Beijing

    • Last Update: 2021-01-22
    • Source: Internet
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    XIN BEIJING, Dec. 31 (Xinhua) -- Through a comprehensive combing of the frontier areas of foreign probiotic research and application, scientific analysis of the industry in the potential release process of the existence of short boards and related parties may take countermeasures, "2020 China Probiotic Industry White Paper" (hereinafter referred to as "White Paper") has been officially released in Beijing.

    Figure: Number of enterprises operating probiotic products
    industry status quo: "hot" and "chaotic

    intestine as the body's largest immune organ, bear more than 70% of the body's immune function, and closely related to the probiotic industry has become the focus of public attention.

    In medicine, probiotics are constantly improving their efficacy against diseases such as diarrhea and vasculitis, fermented flavored foods using probiotics are increasingly being used in the food industry, and probiotics are increasingly being added to foods as food supplements, such as ice cream and chocolate. Milk powder, etc. , in addition, probiotics are now more in the form of health care products for consumers, in the traditional dosage form tablets, capsules, granules, dispersants, etc. , there are oral solutions, chewing gum, toothpaste, soy sauce and other new forms of products.

    In addition to animal and plant health, the industry has developed a number of innovative applications for environmentally clean probiotics, such as Colist's external probiotic products from Mercer Health. Such products can be based on the biological characteristics of probiotics to achieve the suppression of harmful bacteria, effectively avoid traditional chemicals to the environment.

    Figure: Probiotic cleaner products compared to traditional cleaners

    In addition to the boom in the booming probiotic industry, the chaos in the market also requires vigilance. The ambiguity and absence of industry standards, the falseness and exaggeration of product promotion, and the lack of consumer education are becoming more and more prominent, which not only put the public's life and property safety at risk, but also destroys the foundation of the long-term development of probiotic industry. In this context, the "White Paper" jointly issued by Beijing Business Daily and U.S. University Health is of great guiding significance for building a harmonious and stable probiotic industry ecology.

    Industry Future: Solid Foundation and Standardized Market

    China's probiotic research started in the 1990s, the current domestic probiotic industry chain of the most core strain resources are still heavily dependent on foreign imports, raw materials supply market is almost duPoen and other foreign leading enterprises monopolized. "How to expand the library of strains with independent intellectual property rights has become an issue that the industry needs to pay attention to by strengthening basic research," said Professor Yang Ruixuan, head of the probiotic probiotics and health branch of the Chinese Nutrition Society, in the White Paper. As long as you have core technology, there is a real competitive market brand. In addition

    strain screening, efficacy evaluation, industrial production, probiotic applications and end product development processes directly determine the long-term development of the probiotic market and need to be regulated through standards and guidelines. Only industry standards to keep up with the progress of industrial development, in order to make the development of probiotic industry on the right track as soon as possible.

    publicity, the probiotic market is still in disarray. Some brands exaggerate the efficacy of their products and mislead consumers by packaging probiotics as a "god medicine" to cure a hundred diseases. Although false propaganda can attract a lot of attention in the short term, but in the long run will make consumers distrust the probiotic industry, the adverse consequences will eventually be borne by the industry. Therefore, how to strengthen self-discipline of enterprises, put an end to false propaganda, the scientific dissemination and guidance of probiotics will also be the focus of the industry."

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