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    The 24th Exhibition of Wanhua Chemical "Artifact Laboratory"-Hisense Study Aid Special

    • Last Update: 2021-07-30
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    On July 22, Wanhua Chemical came to Qingdao again at the invitation of Hisense Refrigerator's "Reading, Watching the Sea and Seeing the World" charity event, and brought a large-scale chemical science activity-Magic Laboratory to students from Nancun Primary School in Pingdu, Shandong

    This is already the sixth time Wanhua Chemical has joined Hisense Refrigerators on a public welfare trip
    During the activity, the students rushed to participate first and were full of interest

    Simple and interesting experiments made them feel the infinite charm of the chemical world and planted the seeds of science in their hearts

    This fun-filled science exploration class not only enriches the public welfare activities of Hisense Refrigerator "Reading and Watching the Sea", but also based on the content of chemistry science, which broadens the horizons of mountain students, cultivates scientific interest, and stimulates innovation.


    As a classic project of Hisense Refrigerator "Reading, Watching the Sea and Seeing the World" over the years, Wanhua Chemical, through joint efforts with Hisense Refrigerator, is committed to helping children understand chemistry, understand chemistry, and use chemistry, so that more mountainous students can broaden their horizons and harvest.


    Since its establishment in 2015, Wanhua Chemical Magic Laboratory has successively traveled to more than 10 cities including Yantai, Ningbo, Qingdao, Dazhou, Meishan, etc.
    , and has brought magical and interesting experimental courses to nearly 4,000 children, especially in the mountainous areas.
    School, the power of spreading knowledge for mountain students

    In the future, Wanhua Chemical will continue to work with upstream and downstream to jointly promote public welfare science activities, jointly build a public welfare ecosystem, and contribute to the development of society and the progress of civilization


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