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    The 9th Jinan Bio-Fermentation Exhibition in 2022 - Tiger Power is fully open, and a new journey is made!

    • Last Update: 2022-03-07
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    2022: A new journey begins

    BIO 2022 Jinan Biological Fermentation Exhibition

    2022 The 9th International Biological Fermentation Products and Technology Equipment Exhibition (Jinan) - BIO CHINA 2022 Fermentation Exhibition has now become an annual industry event in the biological fermentation industry.
    The exhibition will focus on biological engineering, fermentation engineering, cell engineering, protein engineering, Biomedicine (antibiotics, vaccines, etc.
    ), biofeed, biopesticides, biofertilizers, biochemicals, food fermentation, fermentation products (amino acids and organic acids, starch and starch sugar, yeast and derivatives, enzymes, fermented functional products), etc.
    New products, new technologies, new equipment, and new processes in industrialization are the main display contents, creating a whole industry chain covering "display, commerce, learning, and communication", leading the industry's professional comprehensive service platform!
    Create a high-standard international bio-fermentation ecosystem


    BIO CHINA 2022 will have an exhibition area of ​​25,000 square meters, 400 industry companies will participate, and more than 300 bioengineering equipment, biopharmaceutical, and laboratory instrument exhibitors will compete on the same stage, sharing more than 28,000 professional buyers, effectively enhancing industry brand awareness and economy.
    Benefit, help the innovation and development of the biotechnology industry, and welcome the new blue ocean of the biotechnology industry


    BIO CHINA Bio-Fermentation Exhibition and Shanghai Bio-Engineering Equipment Exhibition jointly create a brilliant industry.
    In the national 13th Five-Year Plan, the bio-industry sector vigorously develops biotech drugs, new vaccines and diagnostic reagents, chemical drugs, modern Chinese medicine, etc.
    for the prevention and treatment of major diseases Innovate large varieties of drugs and improve the level of the biopharmaceutical industry

    BIO CHINA 2022 is combined with the Bio-Engineering Equipment Exhibition and turned into a large-scale international professional exhibition in the field of bio-industry.
    The upstream and downstream of the industry chain are combined to show the potential of innovative R&D and business opportunities in the bio-economy era


    Shanghai Bioengineering Equipment Exhibition will focus on presenting the industrial >

    Basic information of the exhibition

    Exhibition time
    March 30-April 1, 2022

    Venue address
    Venue: Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center
    Address: No.
    1 Rizhao Road, Huaiyin District, Jinan

    Concurrent exhibition

    The 2022 Jinan Bioengineering Equipment Exhibition will gather the world's leading brands
    from March 30th to April 1st
    , focusing on displaying new technologies, new equipment and cost-effective complete solutions in the bioengineering equipment industry, leading the new trend of industry development and helping bioengineering equipment One-stop solution for the industry

    The 2022 International Corn Deep Processing Industry Exhibition  will cover the entire industry chain
    from March 30 to April 1, 
    integrating "display, business, learning, and communication", leading the industry's professional comprehensive service platform! Create a high-standard and international corn deep processing industry ecosystem, effectively enhance the brand awareness and economic benefits of the industry, and help the innovation and development of the corn industry

    2022 Craft Beer Technology and Equipment Exhibition
    March 30-April 1 In
    line with the development trend of craft beer, Shandong Craft Beer Technology and Equipment Exhibition and Craft Beer Culture Festival will take you to grasp the industry vane, aiming to popularize professional craft beer to the public.
    Beer knowledge, improve consumers' understanding of products, and lead everyone to witness the new wave of craft beer


    Concurrent meeting

    On March 28th,
    the 4th Council of the 3rd China Bio-Fermentation Industry Association and the 4th Standing Council of the 3rd Session                      
    Organizer: China Bio-Fermentation Industry Association
    Location: Hotel

    March 29
    2022 Bio-fermentation Health Industry Summit Forum
    2022 Probiotic Products Health Industry Development Forum
    2022 Bioactive Functional Sugar Forum
    2022 Amino Acid Nutrition and Health Industry Development Forum
    2022 Enzyme Industry Development Forum
    Organizer: China Bio-Fermentation Industry Association
    Venue: Hotel

    March 30th
    2022 Enzyme Preparation New Development Forum
    2022 Starch Sugar, Polyol Technology and Equipment Development Summit Forum
    Organizer: China Bio-Fermentation Industry Association
    Venue: Conference Room 2

    2022 The 7th International Fermentation Medium Application and Development Forum
    Organizer: China Biological Fermentation Industry Association
    Location: On-site conference room

    2022 "Biomedicine and Bio-Cosmetics" Forum
    2022 Bio-Fermentation Industry Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Technology Innovation Forum
    Organizer: China Bio-Fermentation Industry Association
    Location: Conference Room 4

    2022 "Bio-Agriculture and Micro-Ecosystem" Forum
    2022 National Craft Beer Development Summit Forum
    Organizer: China Biological Fermentation Industry Association
    Location: Conference Room 5

    2022 China Agricultural Waste Resource
    Fermentation Technology Development and Application Seminar

    2022 National Bio-fermentation Industry Key Project Promotion Conference (Shanghai)
    2022 6th Bio-fermentation Feed Technology Innovation and Nutrition Summit Forum
    Organizer: China Bio-Fermentation Industry Association
    Location: On-site conference room

    2022 Process Development and Quality Control of Biopharmaceutical Enterprises
    Organizer: China Medical Education Association
    Venue: Conference Room 4

    2022 "Environment and Modern Biological Equipment" Forum
    2022 "Modern Ocean Engineering and Biomanufacturing" Forum
    Organizer: China Medical Education Association
    Venue: Conference Room 5

    2022 "Enzyme Engineering and Biocatalysis" Forum
    2022 Traditional Fermented Food and Modern Brewing Technology Forum
    Organizer: China Bio-Fermentation Industry Association
    Location: Conference Room 2


    The purpose of the exhibition is that "professional audiences are the vitality of the exhibition".
    The organizers accurately grasp the needs of exhibitors, target key areas and key industries, and organize core buyers

    All the year round, through various channels such as telephone, email, SMS, online promotion, self-media, big data marketing, media release, ground push, door-to-door visits, domestic and foreign exhibitions, conference sponsorship, media cooperation, industry association cooperation, etc.
    Invitation to effectively guarantee the effectiveness of the company's participation in the exhibition


    Display range

    Biological fermentation hall:
    Special area for biological fermentation products

    Amino acids and organic acids: glutamic acid, lysine, methionine, tryptophan, threonine, citric acid, gluconic acid, lactic acid, itaconic acid, etc.

    2 , Enzyme preparations: amylase, saccharification enzyme, protease, cellulase, isoamylase, isomerase, β-glucanase, phytase, xylanase,

    Yeast and its derivatives: highly active dry yeast, medicinal yeast, feed yeast, nutritional yeast, yeast extract, etc.

    Starch, starch sugars: all kinds of starch, modified starch, starch sugar, polyol and other products and their derivatives



    Laboratory Fermentation Tank, Saccharification Tank, Storage Tank, Cell Tank, Vaccine (Bacteria) Fermentation Tank, Glass Fermentation Tank, Evaporation Equipment, Crystallization Equipment, Cell Culture System (Instrument), Cell Reactor, Purification Distillation Equipment , cell incubator, shaker, heat transfer, dryer, emulsifier, incubator, heat exchange equipment, exhaust gas/biochemical analyzer, solid preparation, animal and plant culture, cooling equipment, air compressor, filtration and separation, extraction, Sterilization, chromatographic separation, distillation and concentration, cell crusher, high-pressure homogenizer, concentration equipment, water production, air purification and other water treatment and environmental protection equipment; 3.
    Chromatograph, spectrometer, airflow/magnetic stirring, deceleration in the

    special area of ​​automation control system
    machine, transmission equipment, condenser, PH electrode, ion exchange resin, sensor, liquid level gauge, stirring equipment, peristaltic pump, exhaust gas treatment equipment, sealing and labeling machine,
    Sanitary grade (pump, valve, pipe fitting, hose), sanitary grade connector and integrated service provider, emulsification, homogenization, mixing, sorting, thickening, reactor, distillation, filtration and separation, filtration

    in the fluid equipment area
    Purification equipment, deionization equipment, cryogenic equipment, vacuuming equipment, clean room equipment, vacuum and other production and processing equipment; 5.
    Membrane separation equipment, centrifugal separation equipment, rectification and evaporative crystallization separation equipment, screening equipment in the

    special area of ​​separation and extraction equipment
    Equipment, drying, decolorization equipment, extraction equipment, other extraction equipment, etc.


    Environmental monitoring and laboratory equipment such as MVR evaporation system, sewage monitoring system, analytical instruments, etc.
    in the special zone of environmental protection equipment and technology

    ; environmental protection treatment equipment such as waste water, waste gas and solid waste

    Bioengineering Equipment and Technology Pavilion

    Culture medium preparation equipment, air purification and sterilization equipment, bioreactor, ventilation fermentation equipment, anaerobic fermentation equipment, animal and plant cell culture equipment and enzyme reactor, microbial cell crushing equipment, Supercritical extraction, ion exchange equipment, evaporation and crystallization equipment, material conveying equipment and product packaging equipment, bioengineering water supply and refrigeration systems and equipment

    Downstream equipment special zone

    separation, filtration, membrane separation, grinding, emulsification, purification, adsorption, ultrafiltration, crystallization, extraction, distillation equipment, ion exchange, spectroscopy, chromatography, concentration, purification equipment, shaker, drying, transmission equipment, sanitation Stage pump valves, pipelines and pipes, fluid machinery equipment, etc.

    Special area for general equipment

    mixing, kneading, stirring, screening, filtration (including filter cloth), freeze drying, centrifugation, crushing, grinding, sintering, homogenizing, conveying, weighing Heavy, pump valves, standard parts, pipes, seals and gaskets, high pressure cleaning devices, compressor drive devices, heat treatment equipment such as heat exchange and refrigeration, industrial cleaning and anti-corrosion equipment technology, sealing equipment and accessories, weighing and metering technology 4.
    Automation control

    measurement area
    automation control system, operation and process monitoring, instrumentation and industrial automation equipment, process control system and software, chemical science and engineering data processing system and program, process control computer and microprocessor, application
    Analytical instruments, sensors,
    CAE -computer-aided engineering for concentration measurement and production control; process simulation software, etc Bacterial analyzers, microbiological analyzers, general equipment, reagents, consumables, general reagents, experimental consumables, laboratory equipment and analytical techniques, facilities, laboratory planning and equipment, physical and chemical analytical instruments, sample preparation and related fields, surface analysis , environmental analysis, laboratory diagnostics and automation, service and contract analysis,

    VIP/Buyer Group  

    Biopharmaceuticals, biofeeds, biochemical instruments, beer beverages, natural extracts, medicine (antibiotics, vaccines, etc.
    ), biological products, bioengineering, fermentation engineering, cell engineering, protein engineering, biotechnology, pharmaceutical intermediates, fine chemicals, biological R&D technical departments, procurement, company leaders of pesticides, veterinary drugs, biological fertilizers, biochemicals, microorganisms, food additives, vitamins, probiotic products, scientific research institutions, testing and service institutions and other industries will visit and participate in the conference!

    Exhibition Highlights

    ● Meet directly with your customers to understand their purchasing needs and expand sales
    ● Find quality buyers, develop new business partners, and gain valuable sales opportunities
    ● Showcase your latest products, build brand image, and increase product market awareness
    ● Group visits from 35 cooperative institutions
    ● More than 20 bio-industry conferences in the same period, focusing on industry frontier consultation
    ● More than 40,000 professional buyers will come to the site
    ● 450 fermentation industry enterprises, 200 leading biotechnology and biopharmaceutical enterprises will be exhibited at the same time
    ● On-site special events and customized publicity to help promote enterprise products and activities
    ● On-site gathering of industry upgrades, exhibits completely covering the upstream and downstream of the biomacromolecule industry chain
    ● Exhibition APP + WeChat to achieve 365-day industry-wide information at your fingertips

    Wonderful review

    Tour route/time schedule

    March 28, 2022 (08:30-17:00)
    Exhibitor Registration, Special Booth ConstructionMarch
    29, 2022 (08:30-17:00)
    Exhibitor Registration, Special Booth and Standard Booth Build 
    March 30, 2022 (09:00-17:00)
    Opening Ceremony, Visit the Exhibition         
    March 31, 2022 (09:00-17:00)
    Visit the Exhibition           
    April 01, 2022 (09:00-15) :00)
    Visiting the exhibition and dismantling the exhibition

    Venue: Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center
    Address: West Second Ring Road, Huaiyin District, Jinan City, Shandong Province

    Please take the exit of Jinan West (G3 Jingtai Expressway southbound) and get off the expressway and navigate to Jinan West Convention and Exhibition Center, about 8 kilometers

    By bus in the city:
    [1] Walk from Jinan Station to Tianqiao South Bus Station and take K7 Road → Zhangzhuang Road Second Ring West Road Bus Stop and walk
    away [2] Walk from Jinan Station to the Railway Station Bus Stop and take K9 / K90 / K98 →Transfer at the same stop at Lashan Overpass bus stop →BRT7 road to Erhuan West Road Rizhao Road, get off and walk
    [3] Jinan Station, walk to the railway station bus stop, take K156 bus → Jingshi Road Yingshi West Street bus stop is the same Station transfer → BRT7 road to West Erhuan Road Rizhao Road, get off and walk
    [4] Jinan Station, walk to the railway station bus stop, take K83 bus → Kuangshan Community bus stop and transfer at the same station → T17 road to Erhuan West Road Get off at Rizhao Road and walk

    High-speed railway line:
    Jinan West Station is 3 kilometers away from Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center, and it takes 7 minutes by taxi

    Layout of Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center

    Visit pre-registration, keep sending gifts

    Come and claim your VIP exclusive gift

    Reminder: In response to the requirements of epidemic prevention, please fill in your personal information in real name, and please bring your original ID card and real-name verification to enter the exhibition

    Visit/Exhibition Contact Zhao Rui
    Shanghai Xinshi Exhibition Service Co.
    , Ltd.

    Address: Block E, 5th Floor, Shenxin Business, No.
    2888, Jiuxin Road, Shanghai

    Tel: 18217653398 (same as WeChat)
    Email: mailzhaorui@163.

    QQ: 1034855784

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