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    The ABS market is weak and some prices are still weakening

    • Last Update: 2022-12-12
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    The ABS market is light, some prices are still soft, and the mainstream offer of domestic materials is 15350-16200 yuan / ton
    so far.
    The upstream styrene electronic disk rebounded, the ABS market still lacked gas buying, the seller's volume resistance was obvious, and the focus of some negotiations continued to move
    down slightly.
    The cost is high, and the concession of some brands in the market is limited


    The ABS market in Dongguan is weak and difficult to change, and the price continues to fall
    Intermediaries maintain the operation of reducing positions, market negotiations are not smooth, and small and medium-sized downstream factories avoid the market and wait and see
    Most sources are
    in normal supply.

    Yuyao ABS market part of the slightly lower, middlemen shipment resistance is not reduced, the industry waits and sees the announcement of new prices of manufacturers next week, the real profit is not large
    Small and medium-sized buying orders enter the market less, and the actual transaction is limited
    The supply is abundant

    PS market weak downward, East China market ordinary benzene reported 12650-12900 yuan / ton
    Styrene stabilized and rebounded in the morning, but PS players remained cautious
    Downstream gas buying is difficult to improve, and active inquiry is rare
    Traders are struggling to shift supplies, and some offers are still in a downward channel

    The Shantou PS market is consolidating in a narrow range, and the offer fluctuation range is relatively small
    In the morning, the upstream styrene market stabilized, traders temporarily consolidated and waited, and buying enthusiasm was low

    The Dongguan PS market continued to fall, and the trading atmosphere was light
    Yesterday's raw material market fell widely, increasing the wait-and-see atmosphere in the market, some offers fell weakly, and the market transaction continued to be insufficient

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