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    The after-effects of improper construction, did your family "get in the way"?

    • Last Update: 2021-01-18
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    China Paint Online News Information: Decoration is definitely a painstaking work, it can be said that tired to peel is no exaggeration. As long as the home can be perfectly decorated, beautiful, basically the construction staff's suggestions and requirements, the owners will fully cooperate. But sometimes the improper construction of construction personnel also brought many inconveniences to the owner's life, tile drum bags, wall latex paint cracking, house leakage ... The after-effects of these improper decoration not only plague normal life but also affect the beauty of the bedroom, your home has no tricks to hurry to see it!

    seamless paving affects the life of tiles should be left 3-5mm gap

    people living in the western suburbs of Xi'an, Ms. Liu recently found that the ground tiles in the home local drum bags, or even the phenomenon of porcelain collapse. "When paving tiles, the workers specifically advised me to choose the current popular seamless paving, said that this is the beautiful brick laying, the effect is good." Ms. Liu said, "This winter is particularly obvious, the corner drum bag phenomenon is more serious." Reporters

    : when laying tiles, some owners feel that the gaps left in the middle of the tiles not only affect the aesthetics, but also cause stain accumulation is not easy to clean. Therefore, the market to seamlessly paste as a "gimmick" tile paving way by consumers love. But this seemingly beautiful way of paving is a serious mistake in tile paving. Wang Jun, after-sales service manager of Dongpeng Ceramics, said that seamless tile paving is more time-saving and labor-saving than leaving gaps, so workers prefer to lay such tiles, but the life of tiles that are seamlessly paved will be greatly shortened.

    normal conditions, the tile should be laid with a uniform gap of 3-5mm. According to the principle of hot expansion and cold shrinkage of tiles, the tiles will stretch outwards under the steaming heat of the summer or winter, and this gap ensures that each tile has sufficient reach. Seamless paving does not reserve retractable gaps, when the tiles are heated expansion does not have enough stretching space, each brick will squeeze each other arch, the long time will cause the tile drum bag, tile collapse and even drop the phenomenon. If the owner is worried that the gap is too large to affect aesthetics, can be post-processed with ticking agent after the completion of the paving, neither affect the aesthetics nor visual gap uneven phenomenon.

    Renovation must be shoveled off the developers when the door is smeared on the wall of the plain ash

    the family lived in the northern suburbs of the first international city of Ms. Lin's new house just stayed for two years, recently found that the wall of the home has drum bags, cracking and other phenomena, the most serious is the corner of the local wall skin large areas off, you can clearly see the cement layer. "I didn't know if it had anything to do with the fact that there was no shovel ash on the wall, when the workers said they didn't have to shovel, shovel ash had to add money, but then I heard people say they wanted to shovel it." Ms. Lin said puzzledly.

    Reporter reminded: developers when the wall is uneven or some cement cracks, affecting the overall aesthetic beauty of the house, so the wall will be coated with a layer of hard white dust, in order to cover up the shortcomings of the grass-roots. Today's decoration designer Zhai Xiaoxu said that most of the decoration owners do not know the decoration to shovel off the dust, some workers will advise the owners to shovel off, but need to add the cost of grass-roots treatment, and the owners will think that these are added unwilling to do. There are also some irregular work force trouble directly to the owners in the ash layer construction, the owners simply do not know. Brush primers directly in the plain ash layer, easy to cause the stay time is not long wall peeling, cracking and even dropping the film and other issues, to the later life caused a lot of inconvenience.

    for Ms. Lin's situation, Mr. Nie Xiaoxu gave two solutions: 1. Small area of local peeling, cracks. Can be peeled off part and the peri-wall skin shoveled off, only the surface skin, with the same color paint can be filled, if the decoration is brush latex paint, the secondary treatment is best to also use the brush glue way, which can reduce the local and overall color difference. 2. Large area peeling, cracking. Wall large area drum, fall off, can only be wall paint, putty all shoveled off, the cracked grass brush white latex, paste really good cloth, putty, and so dry after sandpaper polishing, and then brush paint can be. If the crack is deep, this section should be treated separately with a plasterboard.

    Balcony water seepage is mostly caused by the waterproof layer construction is not in place

    Mr. Li's family often wash clothes and water flowers on the balcony, last March downstairs residents knocked on the door that Mr. Li's balcony seepage wet the downstairs ceiling, but did not attract Mr. Li's attention. This year downstairs residents found that the phenomenon of water seepage is more serious, with the property again to Mr. Li's home, the property ordered Mr. Li within 2 months to deal with the balcony leakage problem. "It's all a little bit of a problem, there's a little bit of water around the ground. Big deal after the attention, called on the property is too big a fuss. Mr. Li said.

    : most owners simply do not know that balcony needs to do waterproof, the production of waterproof did not consider balcony at all. Balcony long-term exposure, by the sun, ultraviolet rays, rain and seasonal temperature difference of the multiple effects, once the water seepage will easily lead to mold and freezing and melting caused tiles to fall off, drumming and other issues, more importantly, wet downstairs caused economic disputes.

    Rongge inspection room manager Yang Haishan said that once the balcony seepage first check the seepage site, generally seepage is due to the construction of waterproof treatment caused. Mr. Li often wash clothes on the balcony, watering flowers this easy to cause the balcony in a long-term wet state, seepage mainly around the ground leakage can basically determine the water leakage waterproof treatment is not proper: 1. the waterproof layer at the leak is not painted in place; If the leakage phenomenon is serious need to uncover tiles, re-ground basic treatment, re-painting waterproof layer to do closed water test, but such secondary rework easily affect the normal life of the owner;
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