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    The annual sales volume of Yuyue oxygen concentrator is the first in the world to exceed 1 million units

    • Last Update: 2022-05-24
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    Nanjing, April 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, Yuyue Medical officially announced that the global annual sales volume of oxygen concentrators exceeded 1 million units, taking the lead in breaking the million mark in the industry

    As an important component of Yuyue Medical's respiratory treatment solutions, oxygen generators have always been the core business of the company's strategic development
    Since its involvement in oxygen production in 2001, Yuyue has continued to lead the upgrade of the oxygen production industry chain through technology upgrades, industry rules formulation, business model innovation, and digital technology integration

    So far, it has carried out more than 1,000 technological innovations, conquered 67 patented technologies, and has a production scale of more than 30,000 square meters

    Last year, Yuyue Oxygen Concentrator started the third-generation technology upgrade, and its self-developed adsorption technology, noise reduction technology, and intelligent oxygen control software have reached the international leading level


    The advantage of Yuyue is not only technological leadership, but also continuous quality adherence and source innovation
    At present, there are more than 30 models of Yuyue oxygen generators on the market, covering all fields of application scenarios such as hospital, home, plateau, vehicle, and outdoor portable


    In product development, Yuyue has advanced acumen and execution
    As the new crown epidemic spreads globally, Yuyue completed the R&D and production of the 10L oxygen generator in Wuhan Fangcang shelter hospital within 48 hours, and the products assisted the anti-epidemic treatment in 110 countries and regions

    It not only effectively consolidated the oxygen supply market in the hospital, but also allowed the whole people to witness the explosive power of the fish leaping beyond the limit

    These actions have greatly shortened the promotion and penetration cycle of the brand at home and abroad, driving the sales of oxygen concentrators to exceed 1 million units first


    Yuyue Medical Oxygen Concentrator Production Line

    Due to the popularity of oxygen generators in the treatment of new crowns, in the future, oxygen therapy will become a rigid demand for the health care of ordinary users such as chronic disease patients, pregnant women, students and mental workers, and is no longer just an exclusive treatment equipment for critically ill and endangered groups
    This trend basically verifies the correctness of Yuyue's decision to deploy in the household field and develop health care oxygen products in advance

    A health care oxygen concentrator with medical-grade oxygen supply quality, or another important engine for future growth


    Mao Jianqiang, chief scientist of Yuyue Medical Medical Electronics, said, "The biggest challenge of Yuyue oxygen concentrator is not from competing products, but to explore the limit of oneself, without sacrificing stable performance, the pursuit of maximizing the efficiency of product use and making it quieter.
    Quiet, lighter and lighter


    Yuyue Medical's New Silent Oxygen Concentrator

    From filling the gap of domestic oxygen generators, to leading the industry's technical standards, and to surpassing overseas giants in sales, Yuyue's million-dollar performance has proved the double breakthrough of "technical research and development and market sales", marking that domestic oxygen generators have grown from core technology.
    The leap from autonomy to the expansion of the global market has opened a new milestone for the entire industry

    In the future, Yuyue will continue to speed up its core technologies, and while maintaining large-scale growth, it will continue to move towards the high-end market and make due contributions to the global health care industry


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