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    The anti-ice coating used in the blades of the Kansi fan of Zhongyuan was patented

    • Last Update: 2021-01-18
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    China Coatings Online News Information: The patent "Anti-freeze Coatings and Their Preparation Methods for Fan Blades" applied by COSCO Kansi Coatings Chemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as COSCO Kansi) has recently been granted a national invention patent. The invention of anti-ice fan blade coating has excellent weather resistance, wear resistance, low temperature resistance and anti-icing performance. Not only has excellent protection performance for fan blades, but also anti-icing, low temperature, avoid or effectively reduce the icing phenomenon of fan blades in cold climate conditions, the protection life of fan blades up to 20 years, is another major advance in the development of fan blade coating technology.Zhongyuan Kansi is an advocate and implementer of promoting the localization of wind power coatings, has long been committed to the field of wind power coatings product research and development, in the wind coatings technology innovation and application of a number of research results and performance. In 2013, the company set up by planning, technology, sales of wind paint development team, under the leadership of group leader Mu Chengquan, Du Jingyi, from the initial strategic development of wind power business, to obtain large-volume orders, from scratch, the hardships inside only COSCO Kansai people themselves know. In the same year, Far Kansi was awarded the title of "Ten Wind Power Innovation Enterprises".the patented fan blades with anti-ice coating is designed for the special climatic characteristics of our country. Because the fan blades in winter is very easy to freeze, affecting the power balance, and the fan blade speed is higher, centrifugal force is greater, in the case of serious imbalance, the blades will break, heavy losses, and even endanger personal safety, the consequences can not be imagined! The coating has attracted the attention of many owners since it debuted at the Beijing International Wind Energy Exhibition. At present, under the active promotion of the company's wind power coating development team, has been successfully used in Xiang electric power, Oriental Electric, China Airlines Whitten, Xinyu wind power, Zhuzhou era, such as a number of large-scale wind power host, blade enterprises.
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