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    The application scope of the vacuum drying box and the precautions for its use

    • Last Update: 2020-11-18
    • Source: Internet
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    Vacuum drying box application scope and use of precautions Vacuum drying box is widely used in food hygiene, instrument electronics, industrial and mining enterprises, chemical and pharmaceutical, tertiary institutions, scientific research units and other industries.
    used in drying and heat treatment of items under vacuum conditions.
    is designed to dry thermal, easily decomposed and oxidizing substances, capable of filling the internal cavity with inert gases, especially for fast drying of complex ingredients.
    the vacuum drying box precautions and maintenance: 1, vacuum box housing is good, effective grounding, to ensure safety.
    2, vacuum box placed around to have a certain distance, 50cm to 100cm.
    3, vacuum box should be used in the relative humidity ≤85%, no corrosive gas around, no strong vibration source and strong electromagnetic field in the environment.
    must not be placed in the vacuum box perishable, flammable, explosive items dry.
    4, vacuum box should be placed in a well-ventilated room, surrounded by no flammable, explosive items.
    5, vacuum pump can not work for a long time, so when the vacuum degree to dry goods requirements, should first close the vacuum valve, and then close the vacuum pump power supply, to the vacuum degree is less than the drying material requirements, and then open the vacuum valve and vacuum pump power supply, continue to vacuum, which can extend the life of the vacuum pump.
    6, if the items that need to be dried are wet, add a filter between the vacuum pump and the vacuum tank to prevent the moisture gas from entering the vacuum pump, causing the vacuum pump to fail.
    7, dry items such as drying changed to light weight, small size (for small particles), should be in the work room vacuum port and barrier net, in order to prevent drying material inhalation and damage to the vacuum pump (or solenoid valve).
    8, vacuum box after many uses, the product can not vacuum phenomenon, at this time should be replaced door seal or adjust the door buckle on the box out of reach to solve.
    When the vacuum drying temperature is higher than 200 degrees C, a slow air leakage phenomenon (except 6050, 6050B, 6051, 6053) occurs, at this time unwrive the back cover of the box with an inner hex wrench to loosen the heater base, change the "O" seal or tighten the heater base to solve.
    9, the discharge valve rubber plug if the rotation is difficult, can be applied to the appropriate amount of grease lubrication.
    10, except for maintenance, the left box cover (except 6090, 6210) cannot be opened to avoid damage to the electrical control system.
    11, vacuum box should always keep clean, box door glass cut do not use a reactive chemical solution test, the application of soft cotton cloth test.
    12, if the vacuum box is not used for a long time, the exposed plating parts will be cleaned and coated with neutral grease to prevent corrosion, and put on a plastic film dust cover, placed in a dry room, so as to avoid moisture damage to electrical components, affecting the use.
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