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    The balance retention policy is honored!

    • Last Update: 2021-07-21
    • Source: Internet
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      Medical Network News on March 5th, the policy to retain the balance is fulfilled! Chongqing awarded 61,974,400 yuan; Hebei Handan 51,816,800 yuan, Hebei Provincial People's Hospital and other 26 hospitals more than 8.
    47 million yuan

    At present, the national centralized procurement has conducted four batches and five rounds.
    As the results of the previous rounds of centralized procurement have been implemented in various places, the medical insurance supporting policies have been promulgated and implemented accordingly

    Among them, the retention of medical insurance balances is also the focus of the industry

    Last June, the National Medical Insurance Bureau, Ministry of Finance jointly issued the "National Organization centralized drug procurement
    TCM guidance to ensure retention of fund balance," which was developed in the country with a volume of procurement base (VBP) runs three two batches on Supporting documents for medical insurance
    The core idea of ​​the opinion is "reserve the balance for use", that is, the difference between the drug cost after the VBP price reduction and the budget fund paid by the medical insurance will be returned to the public medical institution as a part of the reward.
    This will greatly stimulate the medical institution to give priority to the use of the selected product, and has an even more impact.
    The future trend of non-selected varieties

    Since then, various provinces and cities have successively issued documents to clarify the relevant policies for the retention of balances

    So, as for the results of various medical institutions after implementation, we have also collected relevant data

    On January 15 this year, according to the "Chongqing Daily" report, a total of 157 medical institutions in Chongqing participated in the first batch of national centralized procurement of 25 selected drugs and medical insurance fund balance retention assessment, of which 102 medical institutions passed the assessment and the balance medical insurance fund was 61,974,400 The money will be rewarded to relevant personnel of medical institutions to encourage them to use medicines rationally and preferentially use products selected in centralized procurement

    It is understood that in March 2019, Chongqing launched a pilot program for centralized procurement and use of drugs organized by the state.
    A total of 25 drugs were purchased in a centralized manner

    selected prices dropped by an average of 52% and the highest drop was 96%.
    Most of them were common chronic disease drugs
    According to reports, this release is the first batch of Chongqing’s first batch of national organizations to purchase medicines and medical insurance surplus funds.
    The second and third batch of national organizations will still implement the "surplus retention" policy support

    In addition, in December last year, according to a report by Great Wall.
    com, the Hebei Provincial Medical Security Bureau and the Hebei Provincial Department of Finance have undergone a joint assessment and assessment, combined with the self-evaluation of the first batch of centralized drug procurement by 26 medical institutions including Hebei Provincial People’s Hospital.
    More than 8.
    47 million yuan was allocated for the remaining remaining funds, and the payment was completed on November 5, 2020

    According to the news of the "Xiamen Haixi
    Medical Trading Center" in November 2020 , Haixi has helped many cities in Hebei Province, such as Handan, Hengshui, Xinji, Dingzhou, and Qinhuangdao, complete the calculation of balance retention.
    The amount of remaining funds that can be allocated to medical institutions exceeds hundreds of millions of yuan

    Among them, the calculation scope of Handan City's remaining balance is the first batch of 25 countries to purchase medicines, 370 medical institutions are reported in the city, and a total of 281
    hospitals have generated remaining balances
    According to preliminary calculations, the estimated base of the city's first batch of national organizations with drug balances is about 100 million yuan.
    According to the largest balance retention ratio of 50%, the balance retained for return to medical institutions this time is about 51,816,800 yuan

    Then, regarding the definition and calculation formula analysis of the medical insurance balance retention policy, we also wrote an article "Medicine Insurance "Retention Balance" Policy Outflow, Analysis of 3 Core Indicators", which can be accessed by clicking the blue title

    Among them, it is worth noting that although the relevant policy does not clearly state that the non-selected products are not allowed to be used, there is still room for it.
    After all, the non-selected and selected varieties are in the hospital drug catalog, and the use of the selected varieties has priority and evaluation indicators.
    , Also retains the right to choose non-selected varieties

    However, the right of choice is obviously not advantageous to priority, and its purpose is to force relevant pharmaceutical companies to actively participate in centralized procurement

    In addition, some experts analyzed that the amount of use of non-selected products will be accumulated in the retention of medical insurance balances, which reduces incentives.
    It is very detrimental to products with excessive price reductions.
    The purpose of this policy is to encourage accurate reporting of localities and encourage various Hospitals use as many selected products as possible

    It can be predicted that in the future
    Purchasing continue to lower drug prices and the dual role of health insurance balance retained under medical institutions will adopt selected drugs , which suppress the indirect use of non-selected varieties of drugs for non-selected, the living space getting smaller and smaller, also related to pharmaceutical companies Will be affected to a certain extent
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