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    The banner "the operating room is full of money" was hung at the annual dinner, and the hospital apologized in the early morning

    • Last Update: 2022-02-16
    • Source: Internet
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    At 00:05 on January 27, Kanghua Hospital issued a situation statement through its official account

    The explanation stated that on the afternoon of January 26, after the hospital found information about inappropriate banners in the operating room of the hospital on the Internet, the hospital attached great importance to it and immediately launched relevant investigations

    After investigation, it was found that on the evening of January 21, some staff in the operating room of the hospital center spontaneously organized a meal in a restaurant.
    In order to create a relaxed dining atmosphere,
    some nurses made their own banners and hung them on the scene .
    The purpose of running the hospital has had a bad impact after being uploaded to the Internet


    In this regard, the hospital is deeply saddened and solemnly apologizes to the society
    The hospital will seriously criticize and educate the relevant responsible persons at the first time, and will conduct further investigations on the departments and individuals involved, and deal with them seriously in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations of the hospital

    The hospital will take this as a lesson and prevent similar situations from happening
    At the same time, further strengthen the ideological education of employees


    On January 26, a picture of "Kanghua Hospital" circulated on the Internet
    The picture shows that the 2022 year-end summary meeting is held in the operating room of Dongguan Kanghua Hospital.
    The banner hanging at the venue reads "The new year is welcomed by tigers and tigers, and the operating room is full of money!"

    After the photo spread, it sparked a lot of discussion among netizens
    Some citizens expressed their shock in the circle of friends and condemned the hospital for lack of medical ethics


    It is understood that Dongguan Kanghua Hospital was established in September 2002 and is a private third-class hospital
    As of press time, the person in charge of the hospital office of Kanghua Hospital said that the hospital was investigating the situation


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