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    The base medicine and the two big heavy good! "1 plus X" mode continues to advance

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    Pharmaceutical Network Policy and Regulations Recently, the National Health and Care Commission issued two heavy-duty documents, one of which is "on doing a good job in the new situation of clinical application management of antimicrobial drugs" for the draft, the other is to start the second and third-level hospital performance appraisal data collection noticeThe industry believes that these two heavyweight policies, will make the basic drug usher in a major policy benefits. The base medicine and the two big heavy good! "1 plus X" model continued to advance specifically, first of all, the restriction of antibiotics has been the policy focus in recent years, and on June 9th the National Health and Care Commission issued a draft of the opinion clearly mentioned, from the optimization of the antimicrobial drug supply catalog, strengthen the management of key links and other aspects, continue to promote the rational use of antimicrobial drugsIn order to optimize the inventory of antimicrobial drugs, medical institutions are required to optimize the list of antimicrobial drug supply in combination with the "1 plus X" drug use model, which is dominated by essential drugs.
    In fact, in recent years, the state has been emphasizing that hospital drug management should be selected to optimize the drug catalog, public hospitals at all levels should establish a basic drug-led "1 plus X" drug use model ("1" for the national list of essential drugs, "X" for non-essential drugs), the proportion of basic drugs at the grass-roots level is 90%, secondary hospitals for 80%, tertiary hospitals for 60%As a result, in the future, essential medicines will begin to take the lead in the choice of antibiotics.
    In addition, in the performance appraisal system of the second and third level hospitals, the use of essential drugs has also become an important assessment indexAnd the National Health and Care Commission newly issued the second and third-level hospital performance appraisal data collection notice, which means that the assessment will continue and in-depth implementationRecently, a spread in the industry, "National Health and Health Commission, the Department of Drug Administration 2020 work points" document also clearly put forward that to promote the implementation of the national basic drug system, the overall shortage of drug guarantee and stable prices, drug clinical comprehensive evaluation, promote the national drug procurement of clinical equipment use, monitoring drug use and other content will be all medical institutions in the future focus of workIt can be expected that in the future, the proportion of drug use in medical institutions will play an increasingly important role.
    In fact, in recent years, under the strong promotion of the National Health and Care Commission, especially after the release of the "Opinion on further doing a good job in the supply and stabilization of shortage medicines" on October 11, 2019, there have been local and hospitals in the use of basic drugs began to take positive measures.
    For example, in December last year, Jiangsu Province Health and Health Commission issued a notice, will select Nanjing Sushui District, Wuxi Jiangyin City, Xuzhou City, Nantong Qidong City, Lianyungang District, Yangzhou Yizheng City and other six regions to implement the implementation of the national basic drug system provincial comprehensive pilotThe programme states that priority use of essential drugs will be provided in a multifaceted manner, that health and health institutions at all levels will be equipped with and given priority to the use of essential drugs, and that the proportion of use will be gradually increased to form a "1 plus X" drug use model guided by essential drugs.
    In May this year, Nanyang Health and Health Commission issued the 2019 drug and base drug use summary and 2020 work points also mentioned that this year the government-run primary health care institutions, secondary comprehensive (including Chinese medicine) hospitals, tertiary comprehensive (including Chinese medicine) hospitals, the proportion of basic drug use is not less than 70%, 50%, 30%;
    It is worth noting that the author is concerned that many hospitals in the new drug selection announcement, are priority for essential drugs, and more severe lying out of non-essential drugsAccording to information, in April this year, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, the New Club District People's Hospital issued a notice that, because the first quarter of 2020, the proportion of basic drugs equipped with 43.14 percent, the use of the amount of 35.7 percent, are not up to standard and was interviewed by the New Club Health AndIng BureauAccording to the requirements, for two consecutive years the use of base drugs non-conformance medical institutions will not be selected, the hospital has been in the clinical department to solicit the national base drug replacement needs, while the sale of non-base drugs in the hospital limited use.
    It is not difficult to see that the multi-notice adjustment of the structure of hospital-based and non-base drugs, most of which are related to the national requirements for the proportion of base drugs (the number of basic drugs in basic hospitals at the grass-roots, secondary and tertiary levels is not less than 90%, 80%, 60%, that is, the industry often said 986 policy) The industry believes that, with the advance of the policy, the provinces will certainly move closer to the 986 direction required by the state In the future, the clinical status of fundamental drugs will become more and more important.
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