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    The basic properties and future development direction of water-based UV coatings are analyzed

    • Last Update: 2021-01-16
    • Source: Internet
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    China Coatings Online News Information:
    1, the basic performance and advantages of water-based UV coatings
    1.1 basic performance of water-based UV coatings
    Of all the components, the most important impact on the performance of water-based UV coatings is water-based UV resins, the performance of water-based UV resins affect the strength of the surface curing film, corrosion resistance and curing sensitivity of the coating surface. Water-based resins are also affected by light-triggers, which can cure under light conditions. Therefore, light trigger is also an important part of water-based UV coatings, the future development of light trigger demand is polymerized, large molecules.
    advantage of 1.2 water-based UV coatings
    1.2.1 adjusts the viscosity of the coating on its own, eliminating the need to dilute monosomes, eliminating toxicity and irritation in conventional coatings.
    1.2.2 can be appropriately added to reduce the viscosity of the coating system, easy to apply the process.
    1.2.3 When coated with materials such as plastic, water can be used as a thinner to improve the adhesion of coatings and coatings.
    1.2.4 improves the dust and scratch resistance before the coating cures, and improves the finish of the coating.
    1.2.5 curing film is ultra-thin.
    1.2.6 coating equipment is easy to clean.
    1.2.7 water-based UV coating has good flame retardant properties.
    1.2.8 Because low molecularly active thinners are not used, flexibility and hardness can be taken into account.
    2, the development of water-based UV coatings
    2.1 external emulsified water-based UV coatings
    plus emulsifying agents, improve shearing force, solve the problem of water dispersion.
    2.2 Non-ionized self-emulsified water-based UV coating abandoned the method of anodized emulsifying agents and instead added hydro-hydro-friendly structures to polymers, although it also solved the problem of water dispersion, but reduced water resistance and corrosion resistance.
    2.3-ion self-emulsified water-based UV coating adds ion groups to the polymer skeleton to improve the water solubility of the polymer, while making the shearing performance of the water-based UV coating more stable.
    3, water-based UV coatings in different fields of application
    3.1 wood
    in the wood surface application of water-based UV coating varnish, so that the wood surface wood grain more expressive, thereby increasing the beauty of the wood. Because of the low toxicity, low irritation and fast curing properties of water-based UV coatings, this makes water-based UV coatings more suitable for wood, and water-based UV coatings are soft to apply, which is not easy to damage the surface of wood. Traditional coatings are often affected by oxygen when used on wood surfaces, which prolongs curing time, but water-based UV coatings effectively solve this problem.
    3.2 paper
    water-based UV coating can also be used as paper gloss, gloss is a liquid covering the surface of the printed material, play a waterproof role, but also can increase the paper's wear resistance and gloss. At present, China's most commonly used paper oil is water-based UV paint, the coating not only has a very high environmental performance, but also in dilution of the paint using water instead of diluted solvents, effectively reduce the VOC content, as far as possible to reduce the damage caused by the coating to the human body, easy to recycle paper, therefore, the development prospects of water-based UV paint is extremely broad.
    3.3 Other
    add the right amount of functional ene to the water-based UV coating, which reacts with the active polymer, causing the curing film surface molecules to rearm, resulting in certain patterns on the surface of the coating curing film. Due to the different structure of the polymer, the pattern appears differently, but by controlling the structure of the polymer can control the type of pattern, which provides a new way of thinking for the development of coatings, the technology can be applied to the appearance decoration and anti-counterfeiting direction. In addition, the technology can also be applied to electronic materials and molecular design. In addition, in the water-based UV coating to add the appropriate amount of insulation additives, you can make insulation coating, the coating is colorless transparent, good insulation effect, and has good wear resistance, hardness and water resistance and corrosion resistance.
    4, water-based UV coating research progress
    4.1 introduction of functional groups
    in the preparation process of water-based UV coatings, functional groups and polymer skeletons can be combined through synthetic reactions, commonly used functional groups of fluorine and sioxane, the addition of these functional groups can effectively reduce the surface strength of the curing film, and conducive to the coating and coating between the better fit, increase the coating film and base between the force. In addition, because functional groups such as silica have strong hydrophobic properties, which makes the paint film also have a certain degree of hydrophobicity, effectively improve the performance of traditional materials soluble in water, improve the water resistance and solvent resistance of the paint film.
    4.2 Strengthen curing system
    Usually, water-based UV coatings are more difficult to cure, especially when used in colored systems or when the coating is thicker. And because of the addition of light triggers, water-based UV coatings are easier to cure under UV exposure, but when coatings are used on more complex devices, UV exposure to water-based UV coatings is incomplete, which makes some coatings more difficult to cure. Therefore, the researchers developed a multi-layer curing system for water-based UV coatings for the current situation, effectively solving the limitations of water-based UV coatings and expanding the application range of coatings.
    4.3 Use of overspending system
    because the water-based UV coating contains more niobium base, the relative molecular mass of the group is larger, therefore, the viscosity of the water-based UV coating is relatively large, reducing the solid content of the coating, thus adversely affecting the paint film, reducing the luster and water resistance of the paint film. Therefore, in order to improve this phenomenon, the researchers established an overspending system in water-based UV coatings, improved the water resistance of the paint film through large-scale hydro-energy groups, and used the structural characteristics of the lysum to reduce the viscosity of the system and improve the gloss of the paint film.
    In summary, due to the particularity of the composition material of water-based UV coatings, which has a unique advantage over traditional coatings, water-based UV coatings are widely used in wood and paper polishing, etc., because the development of water-based UV coatings is not perfect, researchers are still improving and perfecting water-based UV coatings. Performance, the addition of functional groups in the coating, and the establishment of a multi-layer curing system, in addition, the use of overspending system in the coating, the above are the future research direction of water-based UV coatings, through the continuous improvement of water-based UV coatings, so that it has lower toxicity, greater hardness and more perfect gloss.
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