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    Home > Food News > Food Articles > The Beijing Fengtai District Market Supervision Bureau conducted random "mock tests" on food safety in key places to improve the effectiveness of Chuangwei with points and surfaces

    The Beijing Fengtai District Market Supervision Bureau conducted random "mock tests" on food safety in key places to improve the effectiveness of Chuangwei with points and surfaces

    • Last Update: 2022-11-14
    • Source: Internet
    • Author: User
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    Our reporter Wang Jinchen

    In order to implement the special work requirements of the district party committee and the district government for Chuangwei and strive to improve the level of food safety and hygiene management in key places in Fengtai District, Beijing, in recent days, the Market Supervision Bureau of Fengtai District of Beijing has organically combined daily food safety inspection work with Chuangwei work, carried out random "mock examinations" for key places such as canteens, supermarkets, and small restaurants, and inspected key places against the food safety standards of Chuangwei such as license publicity, purchase inspection, layout specifications, complete equipment, hygiene and cleanliness, and timely checked for potential risks.
    Actively consolidate the work results of Chuangwei in the early stage, and effectively help the quality and efficiency of Chuangwei work in Fengtai District to be implemented
    in detail.

    Promote the implementation of the work of creating public health by investigating and promoting reform

    "Random mock test" refers to the inspection method of randomly selecting food for business, adopting a working method
    of not saying hello and going straight to the end, and the media following the inspection process throughout the process.
    Based on the principle of seeking truth from facts, the assessment of the indicators created by the health district is integrated into daily supervision, and the main responsibility is actively self-examined and self-corrected
    through random inspections and other methods.
    It is reported that this activity focuses on collective canteens, small grocery stores, small catering stores, supermarkets, food cities and other inspection objects
    with wide coverage and high risk.

    On November 2, law enforcement officers went to 20 food businesses, including the canteen of Fengtai No.
    2 Middle School, Western Mahua Beef Noodles (Kandanqiao Store), Neighborhood Fresh (Fufeng Store), and Lize World Shopping Mall, to conduct random inspections to inspect the environmental hygiene, business layout, purchase inspection, personnel health management, cleaning and disinfection of catering utensils and other food safety related to
    the above-mentioned business entities.

    During the follow-up visit, the reporter noticed that the Fengtai District Market Supervision Bureau mainly carried out a "mock test" on food hygiene and safety for the above-mentioned food business through the "three-step"

    Specifically, one is "looking"
    See whether each food business displays the food safety information bulletin board in a conspicuous position; See if the catering kitchen and bright stove can be fully covered; See whether each room or operation area is reasonably

    The second is "checking"
    Check whether there are sanitary dead spots in the operating area; Check whether the food business conscientiously implements the food purchase inspection, evidence and ticket request; Check whether the disinfection system for catering utensils is in place and whether the management of practitioners is standardized

    The third is "help"
    In order to better help the food business to carry out a more in-depth and thorough "cleaning" and clean up the existing risks and hidden dangers, law enforcement personnel guide merchants from a professional perspective, clarify the requirements of Chuangwei, point out problems on the spot, and conduct "on-site teaching"
    in the most intuitive way.

    It is reported that the results of the 20 food business inspections in this random "mock examination" random inspection are generally good, and in the process of inspection, law enforcement personnel also gave timely feedback on the individual problems found, and fully affirmed
    the highlights of the work.

    The reporter noticed that many catering kitchens and bright stoves are displayed in place, and consumers can clearly see the real-time situation of each operation area through transparent kitchens or video kitchens, and can also play a supervisory role
    for operators while dining with confidence.
    In order to avoid waste, many restaurants advocate disc action and provide consumers with some small dishes

    Raise the level of creation with points and surfaces

    It is understood that the main purpose of the above-mentioned "random mock examination" action is to play the role of
    bringing points and areas.
    On the one hand, through the establishment of a "shock team" with experience in the inspection of the food field, the working mechanism of surprise inspection and random inspection is set up, and a list of special inspection problems is established, so as to record all kinds of problems existing in the main body of food in each inspection and rectify them in a timely manner
    On the other hand, starting from the problem of one merchant, it will motivate other merchants to create health and guide them to carry out self-examination and self-improvement

    The above actions are a microcosm
    of the Fengtai District Market Supervision Bureau's solid promotion of the establishment of the national health district.
    The excellent experience accumulated over a long period of time is helping to deepen and improve
    the effectiveness of the overall health work.

    During the visit, the reporter saw that when walking into a number of stores, the first thing that caught his eye was the food safety information bulletin board of the Market Supervision Bureau of Fengtai District, Beijing, which was placed in an eye-catching
    This bulletin board is also the first item
    inspected by law enforcement officers.
    It is understood that during the Chuangwei period, the Fengtai District Market Supervision Bureau designed and produced a unified food safety information publicity board for food business in the fields of catering, supermarkets, grocery stores and other fields in accordance with relevant work requirements, guiding merchants to hang in a conspicuous position on business premises and standardizing the information disclosure
    of key places.

    It can be seen that the content of the new version of the information publicity column mainly includes: business license, food business license, employee health information, food safety commitment, food safety management system, food safety inspection records, complaint and reporting telephone, food safety supervisor information, store food safety administrator information, etc.
    , basically the main information of a food business can be seen
    at a glance through this publicity column 。 The unified and standardized content, comprehensive and open information, coupled with the display of bright kitchen and bright stove, fully protect the public's right to know, so that consumers can consume with confidence, and are also conducive to strengthening the awareness of food safety subject responsibility and giving play to the role
    of consumer supervision.

    Focusing on the work of Chuangwei, the various departments of the Market Supervision Bureau of Fengtai District often combine inspection, rectification and review of the key points of supervision work at different stages, as well as the hot and difficult points reflected by the masses and business entities, summarize the excellent work practices with typical effects and promotion significance, and communicate and exchange
    At the same time, it actively excavates advanced business entities, establishes Chuangwei demonstration points, gives play to the leading and exemplary role of role models and benchmarks, and gradually cultivates a good regulatory order and business atmosphere
    in the jurisdiction that learns from the advanced and aligns with the standards.

    At present, the work of creating and defending health has entered a critical stage
    In the next step, the Fengtai District Market Supervision Bureau will continue to carry out supervision in strict accordance with the creation standards, and further strengthen the comprehensive self-inspection and "looking back" inspection to ensure the inspection coverage
    After the rectification and reform meet the standards, maintain a long-term working mechanism of self-examination and self-correction, and consolidate the results of rectification and reform "without rebound"
    Create a clean, tidy and reassuring environment for consumers, and contribute to the market supervision force
    for the special work of district innovation and health.


    Responsible Editor: Zhang Jiazhen Review: Peng Zonglu




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