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    The best way to improve renal function

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    Kidney function is very important to keep healthy

    It can filter blood, produce urine and control blood pressure

    The kidney also regulates a variety of vitamins and hormones, which are essential for the health of bones, tissues and organs

    Therefore, it is very important to keep renal function properly for the prevention of nephropathy and related diseases

    There are many ways to help improve renal function, such as regular exercise, follow a reasonable and balanced diet, and limit the use of painkillers

    Sometimes just making lifestyle changes can significantly improve kidney function and overall health

    Through exercise, quitting smoking, and keeping good sleep, the kidney can better regulate hormones and vitamins in the blood

    Studies have found that people who exercise regularly and drink enough water, and who don't smoke, rarely suffer from high blood pressure, which is the main cause of chronic kidney disease and kidney failure

    In addition, adequate sleep helps reduce stress and keeps the immune and digestive systems stable

    One of the best ways to improve kidney function is to eat a healthy diet

    Because everyone has different dietary needs, it is necessary to listen to the advice of a nutritionist or doctor

    Most experts would recommend a low sugar, low salt and low potassium diet

    Too much salt and potassium will put extra pressure on the kidney and affect its ability to filter waste

    Some doctors encourage people to eat more fruits, vegetables, grains and beans, and avoid sugary snacks that can lead to diabetes and kidney disease

    One way to boost kidney function is to drink one or two glasses of cranberry juice a day and avoid caffeine and alcohol as much as possible

    Cranberry juice helps clean the bladder, kidneys and urethra by removing harmful bacteria

    Alcoholic and caffeinated drinks such as soda can dehydrate the body and increase the risk of high blood pressure

    Finally, renal function can be improved by reducing the intake of painkillers such as ibuprofen and aspirin

    Although moderate use of painkillers will not affect the renal function of healthy people, excessive intake will cause irreversible damage

    Overuse of painkillers can also cause serious health problems because they limit the enzymes that allow blood to flow properly through the kidneys.
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