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    The birth of a new name: 2019 coronavirus disease (covid-19)

    • Last Update: 2020-02-12
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    Novel coronavirus was officially named as the English coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) (WHO), which was released by the director general of WHO yesterday "In accordance with the naming guidelines agreed upon by the World Health Organization, the world animal health organization and the food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, we must find names that are not related to geographical location, animals, individuals or people, are easy to pronounce, and are related to the disease," Dr tandesay stressed "Proper naming is important to prevent the use of other potentially inaccurate or stigmatized names The name It also provides us with a standard naming format for any future coronavirus outbreaks " Following is a novel coronavirus outbreak and the World Health Organization and global work progress delivered by Dr Tan Desai at the news briefing: "as of Geneva time today (February 11th), 6 in the morning, China has reported 42708 confirmed cases Unfortunately, there have been more than a thousand deaths A total of 1017 people died of the virus in China Most of the cases and deaths occurred in Wuhan, Hubei Province Outside China, there are 393 cases and 1 death in 24 countries I told you last week that we have contacted the WHO network of country representatives and the United Nations country coordinators to brief them on the outbreak and what measures they can take I also briefed the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres We agreed to mobilize the entire United Nations system to fight the epidemic Today, we have also set up a United Nations crisis management team led by my senior general, Dr Mike Ryan The establishment of this group will help who focus on health responses, while other organizations can use their expertise to address the broader social, economic and development impact of the epidemic We will give full play to our respective advantages to fight against the epidemic Mike will continue to lead the overall coordination of the response of the entire United Nations system As we all know, who is hosting a meeting today and tomorrow with more than 400 scientists from all over the world, who will participate in the meeting face-to-face or online We estimate that the main outcome of this meeting will not solve all the problems before us The main expected outcome is to agree on a road map of the questions we need to ask and how we will answer them That's what who is for The organization will bring together global forces to coordinate its response This is the essence of multilateralism and is essential to the world The R & D roadmap is also important for R & D funding institutions to have a clear understanding of what public health priorities are and to make investments that maximize public health effectiveness Developing vaccines and therapies is an important part of the research agenda, but it's only part of it It takes time to develop vaccines and therapies, and at the same time, we are not at a loss We can now use many basic public health interventions to prevent infection The first vaccine may not be available until 18 months So, while planning long-term arrangements, we must make every effort today to use all kinds of existing weapons against this virus We have delivered medical supplies for diagnosis and treatment of patients as well as protective equipment for medical personnel to various countries We have made a number of recommendations to countries on how to prevent the spread of disease and treat patients We are strengthening laboratory capacity around the world We are training thousands of medical personnel We explain to the general public what precautions can be taken to protect the health of ourselves and others We can succeed only when we are united For this reason, we will face the public directly and tell them what protective measures should be taken Wash hands frequently with alcohol free hand sanitizer or soap and water Keep away from people who cough or sneeze When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or elbow It is also important that we do not forget that, while investment in research and development is needed, it is imperative to provide funds for the eradication of this epidemic Who last week called for $675 million to be raised to support national preparedness and response We would like to express our gratitude to those countries that have already contributed and appeal to all countries that have not yet done so to make urgent contributions There are many positive signals in terms of financing, and we hope that all of them will be translated into action If we invest in rational evidence-based interventions now, we can put out the epidemic Maybe you are tired of my platitude and mention the window of opportunity again and again But there is a window of opportunity When the window of opportunity appears, we must work hard as soon as possible We want to say to the world that we should take the window of opportunity in front of us seriously This opportunity is provided by China's tough measures in Wuhan and other cities But I don't think it will last long So we have to take advantage of this window of opportunity If we don't seize this opportunity, the number of cases could soar, which could be extremely expensive I don't think anyone would want that result We must work together to defeat this common enemy Thank you " Adorable adorable
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