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    The branch of the fertilizer industry of medium and trace elements was established

    • Last Update: 2022-03-28
    • Source: Internet
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    On January 17, the establishment of the Trace Element Fertilizer Industry Branch of China Inorganic Salt Industry Association and the Industrial Development Exchange Conference was held in Beijing.
    Fu Xiangsheng, Vice President of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, and Wang Xiaofeng, President of Inorganic Salt Industry Association, unveiled the establishment of the Medium and Trace Element Fertilizer Industry Branch.
    ? At present, the medium and trace element fertilizer industry is developing rapidly, and the enterprise team is growing, but the problems are increasing day by day.
    It is urgent to build an open platform for government-enterprise communication and a shared platform for enterprise cooperation to promote the development of the industry.
    Based on the dual needs of the industry and enterprises, in order to actively cultivate the medium and trace element fertilizer industry brand, scientifically formulate industry standards, promote the development of industry-related facilities and equipment, and strengthen international cooperation and exchanges between industries, the Inorganic Salt Association decided to establish a branch of the medium and trace element fertilizer industry.
    ? Vice President Fu Xiangsheng, Deputy Director Zhang Fan of the Petrochemical Division of the Department of Raw Material Industry, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Li Rong, Director of the Soil and Fertilizer Quality Monitoring Division of the National Agricultural Technology Extension Center, Zhang Fusuo, Director of the Center for Environmental and Food Security of China Agricultural University, and Research on Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Researcher Liu Jianming and other leaders and experts fully affirmed the establishment of the medium and trace element fertilizer industry branch, hoping that the branch can play the role of a bridge and link, provide suggestions for the development of the medium and trace element fertilizer industry, and contribute to food security.
    The participating experts also analyzed the importance of medium and trace elements, the distribution of trace elements in domestic soil, the status and development trend of medium and trace element fertilizer standards, and helped participating companies understand the medium and trace elements from multiple perspectives such as technology and standards.
    Status of the fertilizer industry.
    The next step of the work plan of the medium and trace element fertilizer industry branch is: the branch will provide relevant national ministries and commissions with industry situation analysis, development suggestions and implementation measures, and provide an important reference for the formulation of relevant national policies; build domestic and foreign medium and trace element fertilizers Industry chain, industry-wide exchange and service docking platform, branch platform to establish learning and communication opportunities for the industry; under the guidance of relevant national ministries and committees and expert committees, guide the industry to develop with standards, norms, directions, and plans; organization; Cooperate with scientific research institutions and experts in soil, agriculture, plant nutrition, etc.
    to conduct technology research and development and product application and promotion in scientific fertilization, pollution control and improvement and restoration of soil testing formula, acidified soil, saline-alkali land, and heavy metal arable land.
    ? Li Wei, chairman of Anhui Huawo Ecological Fertilizer Technology Co.
    , Ltd.
    , was elected as the chairman of the medium and trace element fertilizer industry branch, Ma Xuewen, chairman of Shandong Agricultural University Fertilizer Technology Co.
    , Ltd.
    , Feng Guangxiang, chairman of Beijing Aojia Ecological Agriculture Co.
    , Ltd.
    , and Zibo Tianbang Chemical Co.
    , Ltd.
    general manager Niu Zhijun and other 16 entrepreneurs are the vice presidents, Qi Zhaoying is the secretary general of the branch, and 40 branch directors are elected
    ? More than 200 representatives of fertilizer production and distribution companies from all over the country attended the meeting and witnessed the establishment of the medium and trace element fertilizer industry branch.
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