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    The chairman of the board of directors out of The Great Liangshan! From 0 to industry leading, just because of this decision...

    • Last Update: 2020-08-05
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    Guide: Be good people, make good medicine.
    , he is a substitute teacher out of The Great Liangshan, with 500 yuan, starting his business from 0;
    he said that good medicine is the key to the development of pharmaceutical companies.
    he is today's pharmaceutical character hero - good doctor pharmaceutical chairman Geng Funeng.
    Geng Fu neng in the depths of the mountains of medicine dream 1956, Geng Fu can be born in the depths of the big cool mountain in Sichuan Yuexi County, the family ranked third.
    because of the remote location, transportation inconvenience, Geng Fu can on childhood memories, the most impressive is hunger.
    is glad that his grandfather and his father both know Chinese medicine, so often people come to the door to see a doctor, subsidizing the family.
    at that time, he and his father, brother often went to the mountains to take medicine, but also mastered a lot of knowledge about Chinese herbal medicine.
    10 years old, Geng Fu can and the experience of the big yellow into the mountains, is he felt the magic of human, natural and chinese medicine harmony, from the bottom of his heart planted the seeds of a lifetime struggle for medicine.
    " in the mountains for 4 days and 3 nights, when taking medicine excited lying around, ears only hear the sound of birds, eyes see the pure blue sky.
    " Geng Funeng said, this wonderful "cloud tour" became his relationship with Chinese medicine small story.
    1974, Geng Fu, a junior high school graduate, became a substitute teacher in primary school, because of personal efforts, in the work of outstanding performance, he was promoted to junior high school substitute teacher.
    the 80s and 90s, the spring wind of the country's reform and opening-up blew into the depths of the mountains, Geng Fu can decide to start a business, into the pharmaceutical industry.
    1986, Geng Fu can raise 500 yuan, resigned from the position of teacher, concentrate on starting a self-employed business, to run the name of his daughter, "Jia Jia Herbs acquisition door-to-door department", relying on the rich resources of the big cool mountain, to start the sale of Chinese herbal medicine. After the
    , Geng Funeng's career continued to grow, from a door city department, to the establishment of pharmaceutical companies, to the establishment of pharmaceutical factories, Chinese herbal medicine planting base ... In 1998, Good Doctor Pharmaceutical Group was officially established.
    from 0 to hundreds of millions of dollars in the way of wealth from 2003 to 2008, Geng Fu can use a short period of 5 years, opened 2667 offices in the country, the formation of nearly 10,000 sales force, in the pharmaceutical secondary market accounted for a large share, so that enterprises on the track of a virtuous circle.
    now, good doctor sybs have formed a complete industrial chain from the cultivation, research and development, production and sales of pharmaceutical raw materials, and has grown into the top three enterprises in the Sichuan pharmaceutical industry, with annual sales of 3 billion yuan.
    Geng Funeng believes that the core value of drugs is "efficacy", is to cure and save people, and the quality of drugs is not tested out, drug quality is produced.
    only the combination of testing standards, prescription standards and process standards can produce qualified drugs.
    GengFucann very much admire friedrich Bayer said a word: as long as pharmaceutical companies focus on quality, efficacy, profits will continue to flow.
    Geng Fu can serve in the enterprise 37 (data source: enterprise check) good doctor sydd pharmaceutical industry adhere to the "product is the life of the enterprise, production in busy, quality do not forget" quality policy, over the years the product sampling once pass rate is reached 100%.
    good doctor sydgin scored 2 to 3 billion capsules a year, all using medical gelatin, this alone, good doctors pharmaceutical industry a year to pay nearly 30 million more costs.
    Geng Funeng said that medicine is a character, although "good people are expensive", even if the reduction of profits, "good people, good medicine" production philosophy will not waver.
    Geng Funeng's persistence has been recognized by the industry.
    According to the pharmaceutical figures learned that the Good Doctorgroup has been selected as "China's pharmaceutical industry top 100 enterprises", "China's innovative pharmaceutical enterprises", and won "China's well-known trademarks", "Chinese pharmaceutical brands" and many other honors.
    2018 by the authoritative brand evaluation agency assessment, "good doctor" brand value has reached 31.6 billion yuan.
    to feed the hometown of the "leader" after the success of the entrepreneurial success of Geng Funeng, but also always pay attention to the development of the hometown.
    , Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, is the main battleground of poverty alleviation and "the most difficult hard bones", affecting Sichuan and even the whole country to win the overall victory of poverty alleviation control factors.
    as early as 1996, Geng Funeng led the team back home to try to carry out the appendage planting project in Butou County.
    they provide farmers with free seed sources, planting technical guidance, and the purchase of finished products at a guaranteed price to ensure the interests of growers.
    planting appendages have been successful and the area has been gradually expanded.
    according to medical figures learned that by the end of 2018, there are 6 townships and 28 villages in Butou County with the help of "good doctors" to plant 7,000 acres of appendages, more than 5000 farmers have increased income and poverty.
    not only that, but also the cloth toad planting base has become the country's largest appendage planting base, and has passed the National Food and Drug Administration GAP certification.
    cloth drag appendage was awarded the title of "National Geographic Indication Protection Products", "Sichuan Province Brand Products", as well as the China Import and Export Chamber of Commerce issued a certificate of high-quality products.
    then, Geng Funeng will copy their own successful experience, in Zhaoju, Meigu, Leibo, Ganlo, Yanyuan, Pug, Yuexi, Xide, will be east 9 counties to follow up, and from a single appendage to the cultivation of red flowers, yellow, Sichuan, wood incense, gold and silver flowers and other varieties of planting and development, leading tens of thousands of farmers out of poverty and wealth.
    24 years, Geng Fu can insist on feeding back home, industrial poverty alleviation, has invested hundreds of millions of yuan to run enterprises, provide jobs.
    the conclusion: "good people, good medicine" has become Geng Funeng's life creed, I hope he advocates good medicine can become the consensus of the whole pharmaceutical industry, so that people can feel at ease to take medicine, rest assured to take medicine.
    source: China Enterprise News, Green China, Sina Pharmaceuticals.
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